The Wild Card Omega Female

She is a member of the pack, but she remains hesitant to fully immerse herself in their ways. She watches, observing and analyzing their actions, always looking for a way out.

Though she follows the pack’s lead, she is quietly carving her own path, one that feels true to her heart.

She moves softly and lightly, but do not be fooled by her meek demeanor. Though she may seem like the underdog, she is fiercely protective of her pack, and will stop at nothing to defend them when necessary.

For now she subserviently conforms to the pack’s rules, though her time to shine is nearing and soon she will rise.

Some misunderstand her, but she is not one to be underestimated. She will engage in battle, let them think they are superior, and even roll over for them, but they will never win the psychological war.

She is a rebellious force, with whispers more powerful than hurricanes.

As she gazes upon those who cross her path, she leaves a haunting reflection imprinted in their minds, bewitching them with a flicker of her eyes. She is like an ancient starlight, shimmering on the mountainside, howling her conflicting emotions to the midnight moon.

She has been hurt before, viciously attacked by those who should have been her allies, so she treads cautiously to avoid further carnage.

But do not mistake her tentative stance for weakness or fear. She has a stormy, tempestuous streak that pulses through her veins, and a ferocious fire that rages within her, burning up salt and bones.

She may seem contained, but she is a force to be reckoned with, quietly amassing skills and knowledge for the day that she breaks free and unleashes her untamed soul.

Although the pack has caused her much pain, she has been a consistent and gentle, easing their frustration and aggression with a tender touch. They may have misjudged her fragile exterior, but they will soon regret their mistake.

They will howl with grief hoping their aching cries will reach her, and she will hear their echoes, but she will never turn back. They will mourn her mysterious presence long after she has gone.

She knows that the thunder will arrive, and she will temporarily suffer for her decision on the long and gruelling journey that lay ahead. But, she has been pinned down, dominated, and cast aside for far too long.

She will soon shape-shift into a lone warrior wolf, with wide glistening eyes, wandering the wilderness in solitude, though her humble Omega spirit will remain.

She will come to the realization that it is time to prioritize her own needs. She is getting ready to stretch her limbs and venture into the unknown.

With an open heart and a determined spirit, she will face any challenges that come her way. Perhaps, as she makes her way towards the shimmering ocean that beckons her, she will find the kind of love she had always yearned for: a love that is gentle, effortless, and enchanting, just like the soothing ocean waves that gently caress the shore.

Someday, as sure as the heavens protectively rest over her, I am sure she will stumble upon it.

Alex Myles

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