Soul Connections

I feel an immediate and intense inner resonation whenever I meet someone who is part of my soul family/star cluster, as we absorb and read the unique vibrations that emanate from us both. The Law of Attraction and entire universe worked together in magical and mysterious ways to draw us together.

As this quote by an unknown author explains, “Our vibe attracts our tribe.”

When this happens, I know the meeting is no accident. We are simply fragments of the same cosmic explosion and particles of our energy are entangling and interlocking in the air. I notice a strong magnetic pull from the stardust within them as it resonates with and activates the same stardust within me.

The people in this close inner circle have nurtured, nourished, supported and lovingly guided me. They have protected me and instinctively reached out to stabilize me every time I falter and stumble. And I do the same for them.

Whenever I meet someone who feels like family, I’m hit with a powerful sensation of having “known” the person before. Energetic ties are instantly formed and, despite any difficulties, the cords that connect us will never be severed.

We not only “recognize” one another from a distant place in some other realm of time we are also intrigued by the same types of obstacles we have faced and overcome on our journeys so far.

We often find our stories read like pages torn out from the same chapter in an old dusty book. Our ink-stained teardrops clearly visible where they fell and smudged painful words that reminded us of our own unhealed wounds.

Our paths entwined so that we could share the experience of our similar struggles, traumas and emotional or psychological injuries. This allows us to instinctively know what is required to assist one another with necessary and intensive evolutionary healing work.

There is so much to talk of, though sometimes we say nothing at all.

Every soul connection has taken place at a significant point in my life. Sometimes a high point and other times they were a flicker of light to show me the way through when I was at my lowest.

The relationships are filled with synchronicities, serendipities, vital life-lessons, raw and emotional exchanges, shared interests, beliefs and ideologies. They offer an opportunity for our hearts to safely and fearlessly grow.

My soul family encourages me to question myself and explore the potential and possibilities I had once subconsciously believed were out of my reach.

I sense we are mirrors for one another as we often provide each other with insights about our inherent nature that we hadn’t yet accepted or acknowledged. This enables us to do the messy work that is required to internally shift stubborn gears. My soul family reaffirms that I am going to be okay whenever I forget to be strong and stable.

The main element that enhances these soul acquaintances is the ability to unveil, uncurl and fully and safely express ourselves in ways that we haven’t felt able, confident or comfortable to around others. This encourages complete self-acceptance as we find traits, quirks or idiosyncrasies that we may have not fully understood or accepted in ourselves, become firmly integrated into our being. Our perception changes and we learn how to celebrate our eccentricities rather than rejecting or denying them.

The difference between my star family and birth family is that the people in my star family are not related by blood—however, our souls have an affinity due to having similar blueprints. The mysterious thing about these energetic ties is that each person I have individually bonded with also naturally bonds with other people in my star family too. So, the magnificent constellation is constantly realigning and expanding.

As much as I adore and appreciate my birth family the resonation with them is an entirely different one. It isn’t “better” or “worse”—it is just different. If anything, my experience with soul connections has strengthened the relationships I have with my birth family.

Now I no longer hope for, or expect, my blood relations to understand or support my life choices or any of my beliefs, values, visions or interests as I have a large group of people with whom I share those aspects of my life with and who accept me exactly as I am.

Some of the people in my soul family are also family members connected to my birth family. For example, my Grandma was not blood related, yet, she was most definitely a soul relation. My parents’ fostered children and particularly one foster-sister are also in my soul family. Which makes me even surer that we are meant to have connections with people for specific soul reasons as they have both been integral throughout my life.

Some people may perceive these soul relations as soul mates, as it is possible to have a soul mate without there being a romantic link, although the difference with a soul family is that the connections feel like “home.” The familiar feelings we get when we are around a soul family member are like the feelings that many of us associate with being in a family rather than a friendship. The soul family members accept us in our entirety with no expectations or judgments and propel us on to become the very best versions of ourselves.

Whether their presence in my life is virtual or physical, my soul relations leave an imprint tattooed so vividly on my heart that our chance meeting in this lifetime will never be forgotten and nor will the memories or the essence of what we shared fade or be lost.

Writing Alex Myles

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