How To Deal With A Psychic Attack

A psychic attack occurs when someone’s negative energetic frequency is directed towards us through their thoughts, emotions, or feelings.

This can happen when someone holds onto negative emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, or they feel rejected by us. We can sense when someone directs negative energy towards us because we will experience an uncharacteristic discomfort and inner turmoil. Our mind may be filled with repetitive thoughts about the person, and we might feel the presence of low-frequency entities.

The most frequent indicators of an energy attack are anxiety, chills, fatigue, fear, headaches, unsettling dreams, bodily discomforts, difficulty focusing, a sense of weightiness, stomach discomfort, and a feeling that everything is going wrong without any explanation.

To determine whether the sensations we are experiencing are a genuine energy attack or simply our own projections or paranoia, we can clear our energy field through meditation, allowing our personal thoughts to come and go. Once we have achieved a state of groundedness, calmness, and balance, we will feel less irritable and hear a clear inner voice of intuition, confirming that the persistent energy is coming from an external source.

Energy vampires are the most frequent perpetrators of energy attacks, as their own energy levels are incredibly low. They seek out others to blame or shame for their dark energy instead of taking responsibility for it. They target individuals with vulnerable energy fields and systematically carry out conscious or unconscious attacks, either verbal or vibrational, to weaken and drain their victim. This guarantees that the energy released by the victim not only feeds the energy vampire, but also matches the negative and toxic energy in their own system.

Energy vampires have a specific target: individuals who are emotionally sensitive, making empaths or highly sensitive people their primary source of energy feed. Energy vampires typically avoid feeding on other vampires and instead prey on those who are willing to give without expecting anything in return, including energy, time, money, or material gifts. When our energy vibration is high, they are less likely to attach to us and drain our energy freely.

However, if we are in conflict with ourselves or have not protected our energy, energy vampires can sneak up on us, taking us by surprise and latching on for an energizing feed. They lower our energy levels to such an extent that we end up engaging with them repeatedly, often through argument or debate, or any behavior that provides them with our undivided attention. This ensures that they receive a consistent and nourishing toxic feed.

Empaths typically emit high vibrational energy of love and compassion, and their ultimate goal is to fulfill their soul purpose of transmuting low frequency energy through love and compassion, turning negative vibrations into positive ones. However, the unpredictable nature of the world can sometimes make it challenging for them to maintain their high vibration levels and keep their energy aligned.

Energy vampires can receive a consistent supply of nourishment if they can prevent an empath’s energy from reaching or sustaining a high vibration level.

An empath’s energy field is highly sensitive, and when their energy is vibrating on a low level, it can gush out instead of just leaking. Without proper guarding, empaths become prime targets for unexpected energy attacks.

When we experience an energy attack, it is crucial not to respond with fear or fight back, as this only contributes to the negativity rather than neutralizing or reducing it. Some of us may believe that standing our ground and fighting back can eventually lead to peace and clarity. We might even think that responding in a similar manner to the attacker can help them realize how their behavior appears, as we become a reflection of their actions.

If we engage in any form of conflict when experiencing an energy attack, the attacker can become more dominant, as they not only affect our behavior and elicit a negative response, but the ensuing drama lowers our vibration and drains our energy. In some cases, as we struggle to come to terms with the aftermath of the toxic interaction, we can then become even more attractive to energy vampires, as our vibration is at a very low level and they can manipulate and control us far easier.

Responding negatively to energy vampires can provide them with nourishment for days, as they thrive on our emotionally charged reactions. Additionally, they may discuss the drama with others, extracting more emotional energy from those who sympathize with their biased and exaggerated account of the incident.

Responding with negative energy only exacerbates the situation and provides the energy vampire with more fuel to continue their attacks. Although energy vampires may appear as the darker force since they intend to inflict energetic harm upon us, retaliating with the same negative energy causes our energy to become equally as dark as theirs. In essence, we are fighting fire with fire, and in doing so, we are only fueling the flames. Ultimately, the energy vampire retains the upper hand, as they have already planned the attack and are familiar with the patterns and vulnerabilities of their target, gaining pleasure from the ensuing chaos, while we experience turmoil.

When we engage with someone who intends to harm our energy, we gradually become drained to the point where we no longer have any value to the energy vampire. At this stage, the vampire will inevitably move on to someone who can provide them with the same negative energy that we offered, leaving us feeling used, frustrated, angry, and emotionally depleted.

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Engaging with an energy vampire can drain us of our positive energy, leaving us emotionally depleted and susceptible to negative emotions and behaviors. As a result, we may seek out negative energy feeds that match our depleted energy level, causing us to fall into negative patterns that do not serve us. This perpetuates a vicious cycle of negativity, as we attempt to fill the void left by the energy vampire’s draining influence.

However, empaths have a tendency to internalize their emotions rather than seeking external sources to replenish their depleted reserves. This internalization can lead to emotional exhaustion, as empaths continue to drain their own energy supply without seeking outside help. This can be a major reason why empaths experience debilitating emotional fatigue.

To prevent our energy reserves from reaching dangerously low levels, it’s important to establish strong boundaries with those who seek to harm us. Rather than waiting until we reach a breaking point, we must be proactive in identifying and changing any low vibrational thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that we may be feeding ourselves. By making instant changes to our mindset, we can renew and replenish our energy supply, causing it to vibrate at a higher frequency. This instantaneous change in energy reflects our renewed mindset and helps us maintain a healthier state of being.

Choosing healthy thoughts and beliefs over negative ones is similar to choosing a healthy meal over junk food – the benefits are immediate. Just as our bodies need vital nutrients, our emotions also require nourishment. Fear-based emotions are especially draining and can quickly deplete our energy reserves. By becoming consciously aware of these emotions and beliefs that are holding us back, we can make the necessary changes to renew and replenish our energy supply. This helps us maintain a healthier emotional state and prevents our energy reserves from being depleted by negative influences.

Maintaining a positive mindset is our strongest form of protection. When we do this, negative forces will find it challenging to penetrate our energy field. Our energy will vibrate at a much higher frequency than theirs, causing them to automatically repel instead of attracting us. This makes it easier for us to detect when negativity is present in our surroundings, and we can choose to vibrate at an even higher frequency, transmuting the negative energy into something positive. The most important thing to remember is to avoid thinking or talking about the negative energy, as doing so can bring our vibration down and leave us vulnerable to its effects.

We can transform negative energy, even without direct interaction, by maintaining a positive mindset. Our thoughts have a powerful vibration that radiates healing, loving, and compassionate energy. As a result, any negative vibrations directed towards us can be absorbed, identified, and transmuted into positive energy that is returned and radiated outward. This process can occur from a distance, without any direct interaction with the source of the negative energy.

By maintaining positive thoughts and intentions towards the person attacking us, we can change the energy of the negative vibrations they are sending our way. Although this shift may not be immediately apparent to the attacker, if they are aware of their own energy, they may eventually notice the incongruity between our positive energy and their negative feelings. Ultimately, this shift in energy can lead to a transformation in our dynamic with the attacker, with the potential to reduce negative energy and increase positive energy.

Energy attackers hold a belief that the world is inherently negative, and that others wish to cause them harm. They often seek someone to blame for the pain they experience or any misfortunes in their life. However, when the energy they send out is not affirmed by others, a shift can occur over time, eventually leading to a change in their beliefs and behavior.

Change happens immediately, even if it is only subtle.

Sometimes, it is easier to detect negative and positive interactions when they occur directly between two people, rather than just through thoughts or feelings. When someone communicates with us in a harsh, critical, or judgmental way, we can choose to respond with love and compassion, rather than reacting negatively. When energy attackers see that their actions have not affected us as intended, they may change their behavior or attitude towards us. Although they may dislike our positive energy, which conflicts with their negative energy, they cannot continue communicating in the same negative way, as we do not provide them with the low vibrational energy they seek.

The situation can be compared to someone seeking out junk food but finding that all the fast food stores have closed down. They may still crave the high that comes with consuming junk food, even though it is not nourishing. However, with no other options available, they will eventually have to change their mindset and seek out healthier food options. Similarly, an energy attacker who is accustomed to receiving negative energy may initially struggle to adapt to positive energy interactions, but over time may have no choice but to change their mindset and seek out more positive interactions.

The key is to avoid engaging in any low vibrations, thoughts, actions, or intentions on any level. Instead, consciously replace any negative thoughts with positive, loving, and compassionate ones. This helps to create a protective shield around us that prevents negative energy from penetrating our energy field.

When we maintain a high vibration, we are not only less susceptible to the influence of negative energy and can transmute it into positive energy, but we also create an energetic force field that repels negativity and attracts positive energy.

By staying aware of our intuition and paying attention to any subtle changes in our energy, we can remain attuned to the presence of negativity in our surroundings. Once we sense that negative energy is directed towards us, we can take action to clear the energy and restore balance and harmony within ourselves. This may involve spiritual practices such as meditation or visualization, or it could be as simple putting firm boundaries in place and distancing ourselves from the source of negativity.

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**Disclaimer: if you have any concerns about any of the symptoms listed, before determining whether you are experiencing an energy attack, please first seek a medical professional to rule out any underlying health conditions.

Writing: Alex Myles

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  1. It took me well over 50 years & encountering a highly negative energy vampire to figure this out. The lesson was life changing.

    It was a co-worker who very nearly destroyed me before I could effectively protect myself. Once protected I could repair & maintain my positive energy no matter the atmosphere.

    I did eventually choose to leave the environment. I will forever be grateful for the lesson.

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