Aug 15 – Oct 17: Juno Enters Leo, Intensifying Relationships

While we often talk about the Sun, the Moon, and the major planets in astrology, there’s another important player: the asteroid called Juno. On August 15th, when the “commitment-focused” asteroid, Juno, makes its way into Leo, it has some important insights and significant messages for us about our love languages and how we view our closest relationships.

All signs will experience the effects of this transit, but those with Leo Sun, Moon, or Rising signs will feel its impact particularly strongly.

Juno is not merely an asteroid in our solar system; it’s a potent symbol, evoking Roman mythology. Juno, as the queen of gods, and protector of females, watches over partnerships, fertility, loyalty, and trust issues. Juno acts like a mirror, reflecting our deepest feelings, desires, and fears in relationships and shows us how we handle commitments, while revealing the types of people who capture our attention, and why.

With Juno’s transit through Leo, Leo’s emotional nature is amplified, making our personal experiences even more intense. Leo—a zodiac sign filled with fiery passion, strong loyalty, and a love for the limelight, naturally craves attention and embraces both devotion and drama with open arms. So, when Juno dances through Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun, it’s like turning up the heat on our deepest feelings, igniting our burning desires and revealing our innermost and rawest emotions.

With Juno in Leo, our hearts might beat a little louder, seeking more authentic and expressive demonstrations of love. It’s as if we’re yearning for a movie-like romantic gesture, something that declares: “This is genuine; this is real.” Much like a lion that guards its pride with fierce determination, Juno’s journey through this sign amplifies our feelings about loyalty and any breach of trust hits closer to home, making us more attuned and sensitive to the shifts in our relationships.

Just like Leo naturally craves the spotlight, Juno amplifies our deep-seated need to feel seen and validated in our relationships. This could mean proudly introducing our partner to friends and family, openly celebrating our commitments, declaring feelings without filter, or simply sharing our love stories for all to see.

Juno’s journey through Leo can also shine a spotlight on the shadow side of our relationships, and the intense energy could lead to ego battles or disagreements. Especially if someone feels overlooked or not valued enough, this can stir up deeper emotions and create rifts. It’s a time when feelings are high, and the longing to be recognized and appreciated is magnified, which can lead to unexpected tensions.

Leo’s radiant energy shines a spotlight on the importance of authenticity and expression within our relationships. It asks if we’re genuinely being heard and seen by our partners, or if people are wearing a mask and concealing how they truly feel. It’s a call to re-evaluate and, if necessary, recalibrate the balance between giving and receiving, leading and following, and to make bold decisions where our needs are not being met.

As Juno begins its journey through Leo, it’s accompanied by Venus, which is also navigating the same fiery sign, but with a twist—it’s in retrograde, appearing to backtrack in the sky. Whether it’s revisiting past relationships or strengthening the bonds we have now, the stars will be encouraging us to be genuine with our emotions and intentions.

We may notice that we are thinking more than normal about past relationships and old memories might come up, making us want to reconnect with past loves or strengthen our commitment to current ones. However, these celestial reminders aren’t just about the rosy moments, as the journey could also unearth unresolved issues, old wounds, or fears about commitment. It’s a time of emotional ebb and flow, where old scars might open, insecurities bubble up to the surface, and we recognize where we, or others, are emotionally avoidant with a fear of commitment. We may question our choices, ponder our paths, or even feel a little vulnerable as we grapple with what devotion, authenticity, and love truly means to us.

This is a period of introspection, as Leo’s inherent qualities prompt us to think deeply about our relationships. Are we being true to ourselves? Are we feeling seen and appreciated in our relationships? Are we genuine and real in our interactions? Do our commitments genuinely mirror our innermost needs and desires?

Juno’s journey through the lion’s den is a celestial nudge, urging us to revisit and redefine our relationship dynamics. It’s a call to take a moment and reflect on how we love and are loved in return, to embrace love passionately, to uphold our commitments with integrity, and above all, to recognize our worth within our relationships. This transit is an invitation to ensure that in our partnerships, while we give, we also receive, and while we support, we are also uplifted.

Simply put, we’re all given a moment to reflect on our deepest emotions about love, trust, and dedication. This period encourages us to delve into the essence of our relationships, examining how we bond with others and understanding what we genuinely seek from those connections.

Juno’s influence, intertwined with Leo’s fearless essence, nudges us to be brave and compels us to voice our desires, express our concerns, and take proactive steps toward building healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Whether it’s rekindling an old flame, addressing lingering issues, or setting clear boundaries, this celestial alignment offers a unique opportunity to shape our relationships in a way that aligns with our innermost truths.

Leo, with its natural bravery and zest for life, pushes us to not just sit with our feelings but to act on them. It gives us the confidence to voice long-suppressed feelings, the courage to venture into uncharted territories of the heart, or even the strength to end unhealthy and harmful dynamics.

This is an empowering period where, rather than being passive recipients of fate, we become the driving force of our destiny, as we seek open conversations, embrace vulnerability, and assert our deepest desires and needs.

Open communication is the key to understanding each other and preventing misunderstandings during this time. While we all might have a soft spot for expression, compliments, and recognition, it’s essential to remember that the heart of our close relationships is built on mutual trust, a deep understanding of one another, and shared values that bind us together.

During this transit, while love and relationships might be at the forefront of our minds, there’s also a strong pull to harness the passionate energy of Leo into our hobbies, interests, and ventures. Whether we are diving into a personal project, brainstorming with a colleague, or collaborating with a friend on a shared dream, this energy can drive profound personal growth.

With Juno staying in Leo until October 17th, 2023, its impact will continue to affect how we relate to others and feel our emotions. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not – this period reminds us all about being real, passionate, and committed in our connections with others. For some, it might mean bringing back the excitement and loyalty in romantic relationships. For others, it could be a chance to focus on how much you value yourself in all kinds of relationships, making sure you set boundaries and appreciate each other equally. Overall, this period makes our feelings more intense, pushing us to express ourselves honestly and openly, and helping us to build relationships that resonate on a deep soul level.

Alex Myles

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