Sun In Leo Conjunct Venus Retrograde In Leo: August 13

On August 13, a major cosmic event occurs: the Sun perfectly synchronizes with Venus, which is in its retrograde phase. This conjunction, occurring in the fiery sign of Leo, sets the stage for a significant cosmic meeting that shines a light on past relationships and events, highlighting an old, perhaps forgotten, chapter of our love story. During this alignment we may notice a compelling pull to revisit and reevaluate past relationship decisions, gaining insight into how they impacted us, how they shaped our lives, and the lessons we have learned along the way.

The Sun represents our life energy, ego, and true self – the core of who we are, while Venus is the planet of love, beauty, desire, values, and relationships. When the Sun meets Venus in Leo, think of it as amplifying Leo’s innate fiery passion and charisma. Add Venus’s essence of love and allure, and the result is a potent combination. As they unite, it’s like the Universe turns up the volume on matters of love, self-appreciation, and genuine connections and captures a special moment when our deepest self and our heart’s desires resonate in perfect harmony.

During this period, we’re encouraged to reflect on our past relationships and gain a clearer understanding of our own, and other people’s love languages. We might re-experience past emotions, think about people from our past, recall old dreams, reconnect with a former lover or friend, reassess our present connections, patterns, and beliefs, restart creative projects, or think about our personal growth and how our sense of self-worth has evolved.

As Venus moves through its cycle, it creates a beautiful cosmic pattern in the sky called the Venus Star Point. Venus meets the Sun at five distinct points, crafting an intricate star-like design across the sky over the span of 8 years. Observing this dance between Venus and the Sun can be like watching chapters of a story unfold, each one adding depth and meaning to our individual and collective journeys.

On August 13, the cycle circles back to the Leo point, echoing the energy we felt on August 14, 2019. Leo, ruled by the Sun, exudes vibrant self-expression, creativity, and the desire to shine brightly. It’s the inner spark in us that craves admiration and heartfelt appreciation. With this celestial event, the traits of Leo—confidence and passion—are magnified.

This cosmic event acts like a celestial magnifying glass, zooming in on our relationships and profound connections, especially those formed between August 2019 and now. It’s as if the stars are gently whispering, “Recall these times, feel those emotions?” It’s a divine invitation to see our journey over the last 4 years, to acknowledge our evolution, and to celebrate our growth from those pivotal moments.

We stand on the cusp of wrapping up a 4-year cosmic chapter, and the Universe’s whisper is unmistakable: it’s time to address unfinished business. Be it healing old emotional wounds, breaking recurring cycles, finding long-sought closure, or charting a new course, the stars are lighting our path forward.

This meeting in the skies has a deep, personal influence on each zodiac sign, heightening emotions and intensifying passion and desire. Given that Leo is in the spotlight and Venus rules Taurus and Libra, these three signs, especially in their Sun, Moon, and Rising placements, will be impacted more deeply.

Here is how this cosmic event could influence each sign:


Energized by this alignment, the desire for attention and admiration in their relationships intensifies, creating an irresistible magnetism that draws others closer. They might also have a heightened sensitivity to how they are perceived by others, longing for validation and appreciation in return.

The fiery blend of Leo’s energy and Venus’s allure infuses them with newfound assertiveness in expressing their affectionate side. This could be a golden period for Aries to strengthen bonds, but it’s essential they maintain a balance and avoid coming across as too demanding or impulsive.

When it comes to love, Aries might feel their deepest desires amplified. To make the most of this, it’s important for them to approach their romantic endeavors with consideration for others’ feelings and a graceful demeanor. By taking their partner’s emotions into account, Aries can enhance their romantic experiences and nurture more profound and meaningful relationships.

  • Creative Boost: Aries, you might feel a rush of creativity.
  • Desire to Shine: Your inner star wants to take the stage, especially in love and arts.
  • Leadership in Love: Now’s the time to make those grand romantic gestures.


Ruled by Venus, Taurus will deeply feel this alignment. They’ll be drawn to appreciate the finer things in life, perhaps indulging in luxury or seeking out beauty.

During this period, people who are typically recognized for their strong determination may show signs of becoming a bit more gentle in their approach. They could become less inclined to hold onto their viewpoints stubbornly and might become more willing to consider and accept new ways of thinking.

Communication becomes smoother, as words flow effortlessly, carrying your desires and feelings to the ones who matter. This can lead to more open and meaningful conversations, ultimately enhancing relationships and allowing them to express themselves with greater confidence.

  • Home Makeover: Taurus, think about adding some beauty to your living space.
  • Deep Reflection on Values: With Venus as their ruler, Taureans will undergo a period of introspection, reconsidering what they truly value, from relationships to possessions.
  • Sensory Delights: Their affinity for beauty and luxury may be heightened. From indulging in gourmet meals to being drawn to beautiful art or music, Taureans will seek out sensual pleasures.
  • Celebratory Vibes: Create or revisit memories that make you smile.


For the ever-chatty Gemini, this celestial alignment is like adding a touch of glitter to their conversations. Suddenly, their playful banter carries an added warmth, making them irresistibly charming. It’s as if they’ve tapped into a newfound eloquence that not only helps them articulate their feelings but also draws people closer.

Relationships, friendships, and even casual interactions become more heartfelt. It’s a time for Gemini to nurture deeper connections, laugh a little louder, and let their inner charisma shine even brighter.

Their ability to seamlessly incorporate their infectious playful energy into their daily interactions allows them to create truly memorable conversations. This adaptability enhances their communication style, making it easy for them to connect with others and leave a lasting impact in various social settings.

  • Expressive Conversations: Gemini, your words have extra sparkle now.
  • Creative Writing: Ever thought of penning a poem or story? Now’s your chance!
  • Deep Talks: Heart-to-heart chats might bring surprising insights.


Typically a homebody at heart, the nurturing Cancer will find a surprising urge to step out of their protective shell during this period. Bathed in the warmth of Leo and Venus, they’ll feel a gentle nudge towards center stage.

During this period, Cancer individuals might notice a change in how their emotions are expressed. Normally kept close, their feelings could now flow more openly and freely. It’s like they’ve been given a cosmic opportunity to speak up and share their emotions and stories with the world. This phase presents a valuable chance for Cancers to embrace their vulnerability, leading to stronger emotional connections and, perhaps, even stepping into a leadership role in social situations.

This shift in emotional expression can create a golden opportunity for Cancers to connect on a deeper level with those around them. By allowing their emotions to surface more readily, they can build more authentic and meaningful relationships.

  • Financial Opportunities: Cancer, some luxury shopping might be on the horizon.
  • Invest in Arts: Consider buying or even creating some art.
  • Material Comforts: Enjoy the finer things, you deserve it.


As this celestial dance unfolds in their very own sign, Leos are set to shine even brighter under this cosmic spotlight. Their already magnetic personality gets an extra dose of allure, drawing others into their orbit with ease.

This phase offers Leos a unique chance to shine brightly. Just like a true performer, they can let their charisma and creativity flow, captivating those around them. By tapping into their natural confidence and embracing their theatrical side, Leos can make a significant impact in their relationships and social interactions. This is a time for them to revel in the limelight, sharing their radiant energy and enthusiasm with the world.

Their vibrant energy becomes a beacon, drawing like-minded individuals closer and creating a sense of camaraderie. Whether it’s in romantic relationships, friendships, or even in larger social gatherings, Leos have a chance to be the magnetic force that brings people together.

  • Star Quality: Leo, the spotlight is on you, and you’re glowing! Leo’s natural flair for the dramatic and charismatic nature is supercharged. You may feel an irresistible urge to be in the limelight, celebrating your uniqueness.
  • Magnetic Allure: Your charm is off the charts; expect admirers.
  • Bold Choices: Whether it’s a fashion statement or a big move in love, you’ve got this.
  • Love and Expression: A passionate desire to express love and to be loved in return may dominate. You might find yourself more attuned to romantic gestures, both giving and receiving.


For Virgos, this cosmic influence might gently encourage them to break free from their meticulous routines and infuse a touch of beauty into their lives. Whether it’s rearranging a space for a better ambiance or hosting a warm and intimate dinner for close friends, there’s a desire to combine practicality with aesthetics. It’s almost like the Universe is playfully saying, “Hey Virgo, it’s alright to enjoy a bit of indulgence!”

This phase provides the perfect opportunity for Virgos to pamper themselves and acknowledge their accomplishments. They can embrace this time to appreciate their hard work and maybe, just maybe, allow themselves to relax a little. By loosening up a bit, they might discover a new sense of enjoyment and spontaneity, adding a refreshing twist to their usually organized lives.

The fusion of their innate practicality with a touch of elegance can lead to delightful outcomes. Virgos have a chance to create a more harmonious environment around them, infusing their surroundings with both functionality and beauty. It’s a time for them to find a balance between their meticulous nature and the joy of indulgence, ultimately enhancing their well-being and celebrating life’s small pleasures.

  • Inner Reflection: Virgo, it’s time to reconnect with your core values.
  • Self-appreciation: Discover and celebrate your worth.
  • Value Check: Ponder over what truly matters to you.


For Libras, who are also influenced by Venus, there’s a surge in their social and romantic spheres. If there’s been any lingering tension within a relationship, this is a favorable moment for Libra to extend an olive branch and seek the harmonious balance they naturally yearn for. It’s as if they’re emitting a magnetic charm, irresistibly attracting people into their orbit.

This period offers Libras an opportunity to mend any relationship strains by tapping into their diplomacy and grace. They can use their exceptional communication skills to bridge gaps and find common ground. The energy around them encourages them to radiate positivity and understanding, making it easier for others to be drawn towards their harmonious presence.

Libras’ ability to create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere becomes even more pronounced during this time. Their magnetic charm and genuine interest in others make them incredibly appealing, both in social gatherings and romantic encounters. It’s a phase where they can strengthen existing connections and create new ones, all while basking in the glow of their enhanced allure.

  • Social Butterfly: Libra, your social calendar might get busy.
  • Friendship Bonds: Deepen existing friendships or rekindle old ones.
  • Popularity Peak: Expect to be the life of the party or group chats.


For Scorpios, renowned for their enigmatic charm, this period ushers in an extra spark of energy. Picture their typical magnetism, now adorned with a touch of Leo’s fiery passion and the affectionate influence of Venus. It’s a phase that might witness them loosening their guard a tad, granting others a glimpse into the profound emotions that lie beneath their surface.

In this time frame, Scorpios could experience a yearning to reconnect with individuals from their past or to forge deeper connections with their current partners. Emotions are likely to surge intensely and profoundly. It’s as if memories resurface and old flames have the potential to be reignited.

Scorpios have a chance to delve into their emotional reservoir, allowing themselves to express their feelings more openly. This could lead to enriching conversations and a deeper understanding in their relationships. The blend of their magnetic allure, passionate energy, and newfound vulnerability can create an irresistible aura, drawing others towards their enigmatic depth. It’s an opportunity for Scorpios to navigate their intense emotions with grace, possibly kindling or rekindling meaningful connections along the way.

  • Career Highlights: Scorpio, your hard work might get some recognition.
  • Passionate Projects: Dive into projects you’re passionate about.
  • Drive and Determination: Your work ethic is supercharged.


For the adventure-seeking Sagittarians, this period brings an inspiring urge to pursue experiences that blend both beauty and excitement. Imagine them planning a romantic escapade or confidently sharing their philosophical viewpoints on love. During this phase, they might also make decisions to embark on new courses, solo journeys, or delve more profoundly into subjects that have always piqued their curiosity.

The universe seems to be calling upon Sagittarians to fully embrace their authentic, enthusiastic selves and passionately chase after what genuinely ignites their spirit.

This is a time for Sagittarians to curate experiences that resonate with their wanderlust and hunger for knowledge. By merging their appreciation for beauty with their thirst for adventure, they can create memories that are not only thrilling but also visually captivating. Whether it’s exploring new landscapes, indulging in cultural encounters, or engaging in thought-provoking discussions, Sagittarians can infuse their life with a sense of purposeful excitement.

By seizing this opportunity to dive deeper into their interests, they can expand their horizons and gather valuable insights. This phase encourages them to embrace their innate curiosity and engage with the world in a way that aligns with their genuine passions. Sagittarians are urged to harness their spirited energy and follow their heart’s desires, allowing their adventurous and expressive nature to shine brightly.

  • Spiritual Quest: Sagittarius, a journey, either physical or mental, beckons.
  • Thirst for Knowledge: Delve into subjects or philosophies that intrigue you.
  • Broadened Horizons: Explore beyond your usual boundaries.


Capricorns could experience a subtle cosmic push, coaxing them to explore beyond their comfort zone. Normally inclined to keep their emotions guarded, this celestial alignment serves as an invitation for them to reveal more of their inner selves to others. It’s as if they’re gently reminded that unveiling their emotions can be both empowering and fulfilling.

During this period, Capricorns might find themselves opening up about their personal aspirations or showcasing talents they’ve kept hidden. The Universe seems to encourage them to embrace a more vulnerable stance, demonstrating that wearing their heart on their sleeve can lead to rewarding experiences.

The blend of Capricorns’ practical mindset with the added warmth and charisma from this alignment can create a unique synergy. It’s an opportunity for them to engage more intimately with their surroundings, intertwining their efficiency with a newfound emotional depth. By allowing themselves to connect on a deeper level, Capricorns can build stronger relationships and develop a sense of camaraderie. This phase encourages them to recognize the strength in vulnerability and to appreciate the positive outcomes that come from sharing their authentic selves with others.

As they merge their well-grounded approach with this touch of emotional openness, Capricorns might discover a richer and more fulfilling way of navigating both personal and social landscapes.

  • Emotional Depths: Capricorn, it’s a period to connect deeply with loved ones.
  • Shared Finances: Reevaluate or invest joint resources wisely.
  • Intimate Insights: Understand the deeper layers of your close relationships.


Aquarians might find themselves swept up in a surge of creativity and romance during this time. The fusion of Leo’s passionate drive and Venus’s flair for love could be just the push they need to embark on a passion project or conjure up a fresh romantic gesture. This period offers Aquarius the perfect chance to not only embrace their unique individuality but also to share their imaginative visions with the world in ways that are both vibrant and unexpected.

With this cosmic alignment, Aquarians are inspired to infuse their creative energy into matters of the heart. Whether it’s through artistic expressions of affection, inventively planned dates, or unconventional yet delightful surprises, they have the opportunity to captivate their loved ones and spark new flames of romance. This phase encourages them to break free from the ordinary and embrace their capacity for imaginative romance.

Aquarians’ natural inclination towards innovation aligns harmoniously with the encouragement from this celestial energy. It’s a time for them to trust their heart’s instincts, experiment with unique romantic approaches, and create memorable moments that stand out. By sharing their romantic visions with genuine enthusiasm, they can light up the lives of their partners and leave a lasting imprint of their love.

As they blend their innate inventiveness with the infusion of Leo and Venus, Aquarians can craft a romantic narrative that is truly exceptional. This invites them to take romantic risks, let their creativity run wild, and fill their relationships with their signature brand of affectionate and imaginative gestures.

  • Relationship Dynamics: Aquarius, partnerships, whether new or existing, are in focus.
  • Romantic Revelations: Sparks might fly or rekindle.
  • Deep Connections: Forge bonds that resonate with your heart.


For Pisces, a journey into their dreamy realm awaits during this period, complete with a touch of romance. This could potentially spark inspiration for their artistic endeavors or lead them to seek out romantic adventures that feel like something out of a fairy tale. Capitalizing on their natural intuition, they will likely find themselves even more attuned to the energy of their surroundings.

The celestial alignment enhances their imaginative tendencies, urging them to unearth beauty and inspiration from the mundane aspects of life, particularly in matters of the heart. This phase encourages Pisces to fully embrace their creative side, be it through artistic expression, music, or simply indulging in daydreams of romantic scenarios. It’s an invitation for them to immerse themselves in the serene and magical world they hold dear.

Pisces’ innate ability to tap into their emotions and empathize with others aligns harmoniously with this celestial influence. Their sensitivity allows them to create intimate and enchanting romantic moments, whether it’s through heartfelt gestures, thoughtful surprises, or deep conversations. This period beckons them to explore their creative and romantic potential and share their artistic visions and loving sentiments with the world.

As they blend their intuition with the imaginative energy of this alignment, Pisces can create a haven of beauty, inspiration, and romance wherever they go. Whether it’s through their artistic expressions, the way they interact with their partner, or the enchanting experiences they curate, they have a unique opportunity to infuse life and love with a touch of magic. This is a time for Pisces to fully embrace their dreamy and romantic inclinations, letting their creativity flow and their heart lead the way in crafting a deeply romantic chapter of their lives.

  • Dreamy Realm: Pisces will immerse themselves in their dreamy realm during this phase.
  • Artistic Inspiration: They might find inspiration for their artistic pursuits, creating beautiful and meaningful creations.
  • Romantic Escapades: Pisces could be drawn to seek out romantic adventures that feel like fairy tales.
  • Enhanced Intuition: Their natural intuition becomes even more heightened, making them deeply attuned to their surroundings.

Navigating these energies might feel like cosmic turbulence, however, it’s an opportunity to ensure our next steps are aligned with our truest desires and highest good. It’s like the Universe’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s revisit that chapter!” and by taking a moment to glance in the rearview mirror, we can gather valuable insights that pave the path for the next stage of our journey.

Venus, a symbol of relationships and affection, encourages us to strengthen our ties with those we hold close—our family, friends, and even acquaintances. This is the perfect time to reach out, strengthen connections, share memories, and treasure every experience. It’s a chance to look inward, think deeply about love and our own value, and to have faith that everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant, in divine timing.

Alex Myles