Why The Twin Flame Runner Runs

Twin flames are believed to be two souls destined to be together, bound by an unbreakable cosmic connection. This extraordinary bond can unleash a love so powerful that it transcends space and time.

The connection between Twin Flames isn’t just romantic; it’s a profound, soul-deep understanding and alignment. When Twin Flames meet, they often describe an overwhelming sense of familiarity and an uncanny ability to know what the other is thinking or feeling. It’s like encountering a reflection of their own soul – an undeniable recognition that resonates with a deep sense of familiarity and comfort. This connection is so potent that it activates spiritual growth, healing, and personal transformation for both partners.

The path of Twin Flames is often filled with challenges and obstacles, making the journey far from easy. It demands self-reflection and self-discovery as both individuals must confront and break down barriers within themselves. These trials are to be overcome as they progress on their path towards union.

Twin Flames commonly experience times when they are separated from each other. This phase of the Twin Flame journey can be incredibly painful and confusing. The individuals involved experience a deep and intense longing for their counterpart, feeling as if something essential is missing from their lives. The yearning for their Twin Flame can be so strong that it consumes their thoughts and emotions, leaving them with a sense of incompleteness. It’s like trying to fill a void in their hearts that only the presence of their Twin Flame can satisfy. This intense longing can be overwhelming, making them question the reasons behind their separation and fueling their desire for reunion.

Some Twin Flames readily embrace the changes the journey brings, while others may not be prepared for the challenges. In certain cases, the “runner” might choose to flee from the journey to avoid confronting their self-limiting beliefs and uncomfortable truths about themselves. This can be a defense mechanism to protect themselves from the emotional turmoil that the journey can bring.

A “runner” in the context of twin flames refers to one of the individuals in a twin flame relationship who tries to distance themselves or avoid the intense connection with their counterpart. The most common reason Twin Flame runners bolt is the sheer intensity of the relationship. The powerful emotions, spiritual awakening, and rapid growth can be overwhelming for some individuals and it can trigger deep-rooted fears and insecurities, leading them to retreat to familiar ground.

In Twin Flame connections, past traumas and experiences can resurface, stirring up unresolved emotional baggage. The runner may find themselves facing emotions they have buried deep inside and confronting these issues can be terrifying, and as a way of protecting themselves, they may choose to run away from the intense emotions and avoid dealing with their emotional wounds. Running becomes a defense mechanism to escape the pain and discomfort they fear they will encounter if they were to confront their past hurts.

Interestingly, the Twin Flame runner’s decision to distance themselves is often fueled by a fear of being abandoned. This fear can stem from experiences in their childhood or past relationships, leading to a deep-seated belief that they will inevitably be left behind or hurt if they fully invest in the connection. As a result, their subconscious mind compels them to retreat and avoid getting too close, as a way of protecting themselves from potential pain and heartache. This ironic twist in their behavior can be a significant hurdle for the runner to overcome on their journey towards union with their Twin Flame.

Not everyone is familiar with the idea of Twin Flames, so when this powerful connection unexpectedly appears, it can catch some people off guard. The runner, in this scenario, may not recognize the significance of the bond and could choose to deny or downplay it. They might even dismiss it as a mere coincidence or a casual attraction, without realizing the profound and divine nature of their encounter. This lack of awareness and understanding can lead the runner to resist the connection, making it challenging for them to fully embrace and accept the spiritual depth of the Twin Flame union.

Karmic ties and past relationships can significantly influence the Twin Flame runner’s behavior. These deep-seated karmic patterns may create a perpetual longing for something seemingly unattainable or trigger feelings of unworthiness within the runner. As a result, they might find it challenging to fully accept and embrace the profound connection of the Twin Flame union.

These karmic ties can act like invisible threads, pulling the runner away from their destined partner and causing them to question the authenticity of the connection. The past experiences and unresolved issues tied to these karmic patterns can create internal conflicts, making it difficult for the runner to surrender to the powerful emotions and transformative journey of the Twin Flame union.

The Twin Flame runner phenomenon is fascinating and complex, adding depth to these spiritually profound connections. The reasons behind their urge to flee from the union can vary, but one thing is definite – Twin Flame reunions serve as powerful catalysts for growth and self-discovery.

Both the runner and the chaser must undertake their individual journeys of healing and understanding to eventually achieve harmony and union. These paths of self-discovery lead them towards personal transformation, allowing them to confront their fears, insecurities, and unresolved emotions.

As they navigate through these challenges, the runner and chaser gradually evolve, gaining valuable insights that prepare them for the eventual reunion with their Twin Flame.

Wholeheartedly embracing the Twin Flame journey, with all its challenges and mysteries, opens the door to unparalleled growth and a love that defies all odds. Though the path may be tumultuous at times, it presents a unique opportunity for personal transformation and a love that transcends any obstacle.

To put it in a relatable way, think of the Twin Flame journey as a puzzle. When you work on a puzzle, you come across pieces that seem like they might fit together, but they don’t quite align perfectly. However, when you discover the pieces that are truly meant to connect, they effortlessly slide into place, and the picture starts to make sense. Similarly, in the Twin Flame connection, there may be moments of uncertainty and confusion, but when you finally come together with your true counterpart, everything falls into place.

Before meeting each other, they may have been in relationships and connections that seemed almost right but never quite fulfilled them. Like searching for the perfect fit in a puzzle, they may have encountered individuals who came close to matching their desires, but something essential was still missing.

However, when Twin Flames finally come together, it’s as if the universe aligns the stars, bringing them to each other in a seamless and effortless way. It’s a perfect fit, like those two puzzle pieces that are meant to be connected – a natural and undeniable bond that completes them both. In this divine union, they find the love and harmony they’ve been seeking, a connection that goes beyond anything they’ve experienced before. The reunion of Twin Flames is a magical moment where all the pieces of their lives fall into place, and they realize that they were meant to be together all along.

Along with the overwhelming joy and sense of completeness, a profound understanding often takes place. It’s as if the two individuals have known each other for eternity, even if they have just met in this lifetime. They share an inexplicable familiarity that goes beyond words or explanation.

In this divine union, they may experience an almost telepathic connection. They finish each other’s sentences, anticipate each other’s thoughts, and are attuned to each other’s emotions. It’s as if their souls have been communicating across time and space long before their physical encounter.

The reunion of Twin Flames is all about discovering a connection that feels fated, a relationship that goes far beyond the usual, and a bond that feels incredibly natural and extraordinary. The joy, understanding, and sense of completeness that come with this reunion make the Twin Flame connection incredibly special and sought after. It’s a love that feels like it was meant to be, as if it was written in the stars. This union brings a deep sense of fulfilment and purpose to both individuals involved, making it an extraordinary and meaningful journey of love and self-discovery.

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  1. I really like your articles, Alex!! Thank you so much for all of them. <3 with this one, I am wondering: it speaks about how harmonious it is when they meet, but also about the runner and that they often spend time apart. I dont really get those together? Like I am sure I have been in a relationship with mine, but ended it, as I felt we both need our individual growth to make our deep love and connection work. Do you mean they spend times in a lifetime apart, like with others or by themselves until they are ready to eventually reunite? Thank you and love from me !

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