Empath, Clairsentient, Or Both?

The unique trait of clairsentience has been a part of some individuals from their earliest years. Observing others, they experience more than just visual cues. Emotions such as love, anguish, and the ebb and flow of feelings become palpable to them.

The language of animals, too, requires no verbal communication. The energy vibrations they emit can be interpreted distinctly as expressions of affection, fear, tranquility, or distress.

In certain situations, negative intuitions may arise, prompting the individual to alter their plans. Conversely, positive vibes may predict delightful experiences, causing surges of joy and satisfaction before, during, and even after the event.

People across the globe unknowingly transmit messages which can be perceived clearly by clairsentients. They sense when someone is silently pondering or whispering to friends. The energy conveys more than voices ever can.

From a photograph, a wealth of data can be gleaned – past, present, and future. The image radiates potent energy currents which translate into emotions. A person’s personality can be deduced from their picture.

Energy clings to fabric, associating particular garments with negative or positive events. Certain clothes may feel energetically heavy, and wearing others can elevate one’s energy. Objects, particularly jewellery, retain emotional energy, explaining why some are difficult to wear after a relationship ends or why sentimental pieces are irreplaceable. The energy that surrounds things is perceptible when a certain object is held.

Often, writing can be inspired by the vibrations someone else is emitting, a phenomenon that clairsentients respond to. They receive detailed information through the air, and even with an understanding of this gift, the magic and mystery of it can be astonishing.

Clairsentients simply “know.” The most familiar with this trait understand this and trust that such statements are made with complete faith in whatever information was received. Doubt may arise when challenged by skeptics, but the truth is invariably revealed. This information won’t fade; it persists while new data pours in, leading to absolute confidence in its accuracy.

This ability might seem incredible to some, but those who have experienced it will resonate and realize they are not alone. In this era of heavy reliance on technology, we forget about the extraordinary abilities humans inherently possess. Telepathic communication was common in ancient times. Even if there were only two kangaroos in a country, they would detect each other’s presence. This same ability exists in many animal species and is greatly underestimated in humans. We possess magic; we just need to believe in ourselves and have faith. Evidence will soon manifest.

Instances of thinking about someone just before they call, or visiting someone who says, “I really needed you today. How did you know?” are often dismissed as coincidence. Closer examination reveals the power of the electromagnetic energy surrounding our bodies.

Clairsentients possess a clear sense or feeling about things and can sense psychic information. Empaths, who easily absorb surrounding energy, often have clairsentient abilities. Clairsentience involves decoding the information within energy waves.

Psychic information is accessed through subtle energy fields around us. A human being is composed of several bodies, including emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual ones. The etheric body is the energy body.

Energy centres or chakras contain valuable information, seldom accessed. By working with the body’s energy and clairsentient ability, it’s possible to unlock profound wisdom and truths.

Clairsentients often experience gut feelings or a sixth sense, guiding them to comprehend their surroundings on a deeper level. These sensations are often so strong that they cannot be ignored, prompting the individual to further investigate.

Clairsentients and empaths share many traits, absorbing the energy of everyone and everything around them. However,

many empaths might not recognize their clairsentient abilities, as strong psychic skills require substantial faith and trust in one’s intuition.

Empaths often experience a certain “knowing.” Information or details may suddenly come to mind, seemingly out of the blue.

The main distinction between an empath and a clairsentient is that an empath generally feels the emotions and energy of people and their surroundings, while a clairsentient also senses others’ thoughts. They can perceive danger or pain, sense when someone is watching them, and have a heightened awareness of environmental events, even from afar.

In our modern world, mental communication is often viewed skeptically. When clairsentients share their insights, they may be questioned, doubted, or outright dismissed. This can lead to a loss of faith in their intuition and psychic abilities.

Additionally, fear of being or appearing psychic can hinder the ability to receive information, as such abilities are often associated with ancient tales of witchcraft. Fear can block the flow of information, reducing the messages and sensations that come when the mind is open and trusting.

If clairsentients reveal something someone would prefer to keep secret, they may be met with vehement denial. Without tangible evidence, their knowledge may be strongly rejected, leading them to question their intuitive source.

To tap into clairsentient abilities, one needs to feel the vibrations of their energy fields. Understanding the boundaries between one’s energy and that of others helps distinguish personal thoughts and feelings from those of others.

When free of personal thoughts and feelings, one can interpret the vibrations others radiate. Clairsentients never invade another person’s energy space intentionally. However, if someone is thinking or feeling something strongly enough, it will be detected.

Information isn’t sought; it simply comes. If information is received, it’s believed to have come for a reason: to alert the individual to something crucial. Regardless, the information isn’t acted upon; appreciation is given for the privilege of receiving it, and decisions are made accordingly.

It’s a wonderful gift, one believed to be possessed by all humans if they’re willing to open up to it and embrace its magic. While it can occasionally bring pain, such experiences are seen as necessary for learning, adapting, making changes, and continuing the journey with a trusted superpower.

Alex Myles

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