Venus Retrograde Ends & Jupiter Begins – Forecast For All Zodiac Signs

Venus Retrograde began its course on July 22 and completed September 3-4. As this phase was nearing its end, another cosmic event took center stage. On September 4, Jupiter, a planet known for its influence on growth and expansion, initiated its own retrograde motion, and will continue until December 30. This alignment results in a total of 7 planets currently retrograde.

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During Venus’ retrograde, three significant areas were highlighted: our interactions with people, insights and revelations that opened our eyes, and the need to take proper care of ourselves. This cosmic event nudged us to really delve into our relationships, release those that weren’t healthy for us, and understand our own value.

Instead of slowing us down or holding us back, this retrograde revealed a world of knowledge and opportunities waiting for us. It pushed us beyond our usual limits and felt like a moment to pause and reflect, giving us time to think about where we’re headed, reconsider our choices, and refresh our minds.

As Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, appeared to move in reverse across the sky, it prompted us to reevaluate our connections with others, particularly those unique relationships that are hard to put into words. It’s like the Universe softly hinted at us, saying, “Pause and take a moment to reflect upon those bonds that feel almost magical – the ones that are not easy to explain but bring a sense of excitement.” Even if these connections aren’t always straightforward and may have their challenges, they provide a feeling of comfort and closeness, helping us recognize their value and importance in our lives.

This retrograde period functioned like a cosmic mirror, showing us the positive and negative aspects of our relationships and encouraged us to address any problems, and decide which ones are worth investing in and which ones we need to release. It zoomed in on connections that drain our energy and create negativity, so that we could assess situations where the boundaries of respect are absent or uncertain. It also highlighted relationships that have become unhealthy or toxic and revealed instances where our efforts aren’t being met with a similar response, prompting us to let go of harmful ties and attachments.

What’s intriguing is that Venus Retrograde went beyond external relationships. It encouraged us to look inward and emphasized the importance of taking care of ourselves, as though the Universe sending us a message: amidst life’s chaos, looking after our well-being is essential. By dedicating time to self-care, we became better equipped to face life’s challenges with strength and resilience.

Imagine a fog slowly lifting, revealing a clear path ahead. That’s what happens when Venus Retrograde comes to an end – the insights we’ve gained from reflecting on ourselves help us understand our true desires. And it’s not just about relationships; we also gain clarity about our career goals, dreams, and personal aspirations.

Amid Venus retrograde a special focus was placed on the connections between mothers and daughters, sisters, and best friends. This period provided a unique chance for these bonds to heal old wounds, clear up misunderstandings, and strengthen the ties that carry the most profound meaning. It was as if the cosmic energy encouraged these relationships to address any lingering issues, allowing them to mend and evolve. This was an opportunity for these connections to grow even stronger and become sources of support and understanding.

As Venus Retrograde draws to a close, it presents an opportunity to celebrate the growth we’ve undergone. Whether we’ve reignited old connections or formed new ones, this phase encourages us to communicate openly, mend fences, and cherish the value of our relationships. With this newfound cosmic clarity, we’re empowered to make decisions that better align with our journey and move ahead with renewed determination. As Venus Retrograde concludes, we receive a surge of cosmic confidence, recognizing that we deserve positivity instead of toxicity. We gather the courage to release what’s been hindering us and acknowledge our true value. It’s as if we’re creating space for fresh experiences and meaningful relationships to flourish.

During this period, we often find ourselves facing challenges that compel us to confront our inner insecurities, unresolved emotional wounds, and the fears that can hinder our ability to give and receive love. This introspective phase encourages us to explore the deeper layers of our thoughts and emotions, shedding light on the aspects of ourselves that we may have kept hidden or avoided. By addressing these vulnerabilities, we create room for personal growth, emotional healing, and a deeper understanding of our own emotional patterns.

As we move through these situations, we gather valuable lessons that can guide us towards forming more authentic bonds and nurturing healthier connections with ourselves and those around us. It’s an opportunity to welcome vulnerability, offer forgiveness to both ourselves and others, and gain a deeper understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of love.

The conclusion of Venus Retrograde signifies more than just an ending; it marks the start of a fresh chapter. It’s a moment to celebrate, contemplate, and reaffirm our dedication to the relationships that hold significance in our lives. As Venus resumes its direct course, we’re empowered to bring forth the insights we’ve acquired, the love we’ve nurtured, and the newfound clarity into the next phase of our journey.

While planetary influences may influence our lives, the true ability to mold our fate rests in our hands. As we progress beyond the conclusion of Venus Retrograde, we can continue to value open and honest communication, nurturing ourselves, and applying the newfound clarity and insights about our dreams and desires. From deep connections to self-care, from harmful bonds to rejuvenating relationships, Venus Retrograde leaves us with the cosmic wisdom we need to make better choices moving forward.

Venus Retrograde forms just one chapter in the ongoing narrative of our lives, and the story is far from complete. As we close the chapter on this celestial event, we step into the continuation of our personal journey, where countless possibilities and opportunities await us.

After Venus’s retrograde, which emphasized the importance of self-love and recognizing our worth, Jupiter steps in as Venus resumes its normal motion. From September 4th to December 30th, Jupiter, known as the “Great Benefic,” enters its retrograde phase.

Although retrogrades can often feel chaotic or constricting, this event holds a golden opportunity for us to pause, look within, and fine-tune our path toward growth, expansion, and abundance.

Jupiter’s role is to contribute to the finishing touches of this inner transformation and encourages us to recognise that all the tools necessary to bring our dreams to life are already within us. It serves as a potent reminder that our thoughts, intentions, and actions are the driving forces that unlock the doors to our greatest aspirations.

Much like Venus guided us in embracing self-love, Jupiter’s energy propels us to deepen these insights. It urges us to internalize the conviction that we are worthy of remarkable experiences, meaningful relationships, and all the dreams that resonate deeply within us.

This retrograde period also prompts a reevaluation of what brings us happiness and contentment. Are our desires in sync with our sense of self-worth? This introspective time encourages us to delve into whether our pursuits are enriching our lives or steering us away from our fundamental values.

The current retrograde of Jupiter is in Taurus, which creates a significant impact across the board, particularly when it comes to matters of sensuality, romance, and commitment. Taurus, a zodiac sign characterized by its deliberate and slow-paced approach to life, is about to experience a jolt that will propel it out of its usual comfort zone. However, this energy isn’t exclusive to Taurus alone; it reverberates and influences everyone’s experiences, however, those with Taurus Sun, Moon, and Rising signs will feel its impact most intensely.

This shift prompts all of us to reexamine our attitudes toward love, intimacy, and closest connections. Whether Taurus is your dominant sign or not, this retrograde invites you to scrutinize your desires and relationships more closely.

For Taurus individuals, who often find comfort in stability and consistency, this period might introduce unexpected movement in their romantic lives. However, this cosmic phenomenon goes beyond Taurus, as we are all being nudged to assess whether our partnerships align with our deepest needs and aspirations. Are we settling for the familiar and comfortable when there’s potential for more profound emotional fulfillment?

This retrograde is inviting us to pause, engage in self-reflection, and carefully consider the choices we’ve made, making sure they harmonize with our desires for personal growth and advancement. This cosmic “rewind” doesn’t imply a halt to our progress; rather, it’s an opportunity to recalibrate our journey, ensuring that we move forward with renewed assurance and a clear sense of direction.

At times, we discover ourselves entangled in repetitive patterns or situations that impede our growth and the retrograde energy of Jupiter emerges as a potent catalyst to dismantle these obstacles. If there’s anything restraining our evolution, this phase assures us that the Universe is actively disolving these hindrances. Whether it involves clearing blockages so that we can reshape our career path, deepen personal relationships, or conquer inner self-doubt, this is a phase primed for profound transformation.

Relationships that have lost their momentum or energies that have become stagnant will now take center stage. It’s as if the cosmos is nudging us to carefully evaluate what or who we’re holding onto, and if these attachments don’t resonate with our personal growth, the Universe will gently steer us toward releasing them. While this might feel overwhelming or challenging, it’s important to understand that this process is designed to assist us in blossoming into our highest potential.

Although we typically connect Jupiter with outward growth and expansion, its retrograde has temporarily reversed its course, directing its energy inward. This period illuminates the path of internal blessings and shifts, and unveils profound insights about our potential and the beliefs that shape our perception of ourselves.

Imagine Jupiter as a mentor from the stars, helping us nurture strong self-belief. In this retrograde, it’s not only about chasing outer achievements or forming connections, instead, it’s a chance to dig deep and discover unshakable faith in ourselves. We can think of it as stumbling upon a secret chest full of belief in our own abilities, potential for significant accomplishments, and the power to both share and accept authentic love and connections.

During this retrograde, it’s as if the Universe rewards us for daring to leap and explore new territories, as Jupiter encourages us to take calculated risks and step beyond our comfort zones. Mistakes aren’t met with harsh lessons; instead, they become stepping stones on our journey, and we are guided to understand why things went awry and how we can learn from those experiences. This isn’t a time to fear the unknown, it is a time to welcome it with open arms and embrace the rewinding, the recalibrating, and the realigning.

Our ways of thinking, routines, and actions might get a little shake-up, as this is an opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves us and step up to something better. The retrograde encourages us to rethink old ideas and habits that aren’t useful anymore. When we shed these old layers, we make room for positive changes and personal growth.

While this retrograde is happening, we can prepare for some surprising moments, as out of nowhere, we might hear unexpected news, be offered new chances, or experience sudden change. Just when we thought we had everything under control, life could throw a shock at us, but we do not need to fear these twists, as they will guide us to fresh and exciting possibilities that we might not have imagined before.

As Jupiter’s energy shifts, it ushers in a period of good luck, prosperity, and abundance, however, this abundance isn’t just handed to us; we must align our thoughts and vibrations with it. Rather than sending out energies of lack or unworthiness, we can vibrate with the energy of abundance, self-assurance, and self-love. By believing we deserve the blessings that Jupiter’s energy brings, we can harness its potential to the fullest.

So, as Jupiter takes its backward journey, we can take a step inward and have absolute faith that we are co-creators of our destiny, capable of bringing our wildest dreams to life. We can let go of any doubts that hold us back and instead, channel our inner Jupiter energy – the energy of belief, growth, and expansive possibilities.

Remember, the Universe believes in you, and during this retrograde, it’s your chance to fully and absolutely believe in yourself too.

Alex Myles

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