Struggling to Sleep? A Magical Recipe.

I used to struggle with achieving a truly restful night’s sleep and would often find myself unable to stay asleep throughout the night.

The mere idea of going to bed would sometimes trigger a mild sense of anxiety in me, as I was aware that I might spend hours tossing and turning, never truly entering the deep delta sleep that my body and mind desperately needed. It was common for me to wake up during the night, sometimes due to vivid and stimulating dreams that only served to heighten my sense of unease.

During times of stress or anxiety, my sleepless nights would become even more frequent. Even if I managed to fall asleep, I would often wake up in the middle of the night, feeling a rush of adrenaline coursing through my body, without any clear reason for it. Regulating my hormone levels to ease back into a peaceful slumber would prove to be a constant battle.

Motivated to find a solution, I delved deeper into the science behind sleep and stumbled upon a few biological and physiological factors that shed light on my predicament.

Research revealed that sleep disturbances are commonly caused by biochemical reactions triggered by high levels of stress hormones that surge through our bodies between 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. This hormonal spike can significantly impact our ability to remain calm, thereby disrupting our sleep.

Further investigation also showed that I was lacking in sodium, which came as a surprise to me. I had assumed that a low-sodium diet was the way to go and had been diligently cutting down on salt in my meals. However, I soon discovered that I was consuming the wrong types of salt. To address this, I made a conscious effort to reduce my intake of processed foods that are typically high in table salt and started incorporating natural, unrefined salts into my meals during preparation.

Dr. Vitiello, director of the University of Washington in Seattle, carried out research that found low levels of sodium cause blood volume to decrease and the sympathetic nervous system responds by activating to compensate. The sympathetic nervous system activates adrenalin and triggers the fight or flight response that then makes it difficult to get to sleep, and also remain asleep.

Sleep had long been a nemesis of mine, that was until I started to make up a magical therapeutic little potion which consisted simply of honey and salt.

As part of my new approach to better sleep, I started combining one teaspoon of pink Himalayan rock salt, rich in over 80 minerals and elements that aid in bodily recovery, with five teaspoons of organic raw honey, a natural source of energy for our cells. I now keep this powerful mixture in a small glass jar by my bedside, always within reach.

About 20 minutes before I intend to sleep, I take a small amount of the mixture and place it underneath my tongue, allowing it to dissolve naturally.

The powerful combination of honey and salt works to naturally de-stress both the body and mind by regulating our hormones. This ensures that by the time we are ready to sleep, we are in a peaceful and harmonious state, conducive to restful slumber. Additionally, this mixture helps sustain the body throughout the night, preventing hunger pangs from waking us up mid-slumber.

Honey provides a stable amount of liver glycogen to the brain, which aids healthy sleeping. If we do not have enough liver glycogen stored, our adrenal glands are triggered to respond by pumping out adrenalin and cortisol, which are both stress hormones.

Honey is believed to be a remedy that has been used to promote sleep for thousands of years. The reason honey is so beneficial is that it contains tryptophan which produces serotonin, which promotes relaxation. When we are in the dark serotonin converts to melatonin, which promotes restorative sleep.

Melatonin assists with our sleep/wake cycle as it works in schedule with darkness and light. When our melatonin levels are balanced we will fall into sleep easily and stay asleep naturally during the dark and wake when light gradually enters the room.

There is also no known proof that eating late at night causes weight gain, which is one reason many of us are deterred from consuming a bedtime snack.

Although many of us believe that salt isn’t good for us, the right salt and a healthy balance of it provides us with a vital nutrient that stabilizes our metabolism. Our metabolism needs to be healthy to ensure that it is able to absorb fuel and transform it to energy. Salt has anti-stress and anti-excitatory qualities, therefore a healthy supply of salt helps us to remain calm and balanced as it reduces our stress levels.

We often crave salt without realising that it eases anxiety and promotes our overall well-being, though unfortunately we reach out for processed quick fix products that contain table salts which offer little or adverse health benefits. When we replace refined salts with unrefined salts such as Himalayan, Celtic or Real salt, we will immediately notice an increase in energy levels, a reduction in stress levels and a clearer emotional and mental state.

Evidence also shows that a late night snack helps us to remain asleep as when we are hungry our brain activates the adrenal stress hormones, which can then put us on a high state of alert, known as fight or flight.

Matt Stone explains in his book Eat For Heat:

“The salt and sugar mixture is an absolute must for nighttime stress events. For wakeups between 2-4 a.m., accompanied by a feeling of excess adrenaline circulating through your system (adrenaline peaks at this time), salt and sugar under the tongue is the only way to go. You don’t want to be chewing anything, wandering around the house looking for food, opening the fridge and looking at bright lights when hoping to fall back asleep, and so forth. You want to remain as unstimulated as possible. Keep the sugar/salt mixture by the bedside for easy and thoughtless access until you stop having middle-of-the-night wake-ups.”

Ever since I started taking honey and salt at bedtime, my struggles with sleep deprivation have become a thing of the past. I now enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, waking up feeling refreshed and energized. As a result, I am less prone to experiencing energy dips throughout the day. Most importantly, I now look forward to sleep knowing that I will quickly and effortlessly drift off into a smooth and sound slumber. Not only am I sleeping longer, but the quality of my sleep has dramatically improved.

As an added precaution I also have a Himalayan salt bedside table lamp which transmutes the ions in the environment. It is known to remove the electric smog that is caused by electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones, so the air is clear, therefore, improving air circulation and promoting healthier, fuller breathing.

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