Sagittarius: New Moon In Leo – Set Your Intentions Now

Picture yourself standing at the crossroads of possibility, Sagittarius. The Leo New Moon is your signal to embark on thrilling adventures. Whether it’s embarking on a physical journey, diving into a captivating book, or delving into a new learning experience, the Universe is urging you to expand your horizons.

As you set off on your ventures, remember that honest and open communication is your guiding star. The Leo’s vibrant energy encourages you to speak your truth with confidence. Be authentic and share your thoughts, feelings, and dreams openly with loved ones, letting your words be a reflection of your genuine self, building connections based on trust and sincerity.

In the realm of relationships, clarity is your secret weapon during this phase. Imagine your intentions as a lighthouse, guiding your interactions. The Leo New Moon highlights the importance of expressing your motives clearly, ensuring that your connections are built on a solid foundation of understanding. This is your time to let loved ones know how much they mean to you, Sagittarius.

The Leo energy fuels your desire to reach out and connect with those who matter. It’s not just about surface-level interactions; it’s about showing that you genuinely care. Imagine your gestures as little beams of light, illuminating the lives of others, which could mean a heartfelt conversation, a surprise visit, or even a thoughtful message.

Reaching out doesn’t have to be grand or extravagant. It’s those little, heartwarming actions that can make all the difference. Picture this: a heartfelt conversation where you listen with intent, a surprise visit that brings smiles and laughter, or even a simple yet thoughtful message that shows you’re thinking about them. These gestures are your way of letting the people in your life know that they matter, that you value them, and that your connection is something truly special.

Here’s the magic, Sagittarius – you’re not just talking here. Your actions are speaking volumes. They’re saying, “Hey, I care about you. You’re important to me.” Your words might fade, but these actions linger in the hearts of those you touch.

This New Moon moment is a great time for you to think about what you want to achieve and experience in your life. It’s like a blank canvas where you can set your intentions, which are basically like wishes or goals you have for yourself. You might think about things like expanding your horizons, learning new things, or planning exciting adventures.

Now, let’s fast forward to the “Full Blue Supermoon” that’s set to light up the night sky on August 30-31. During a Full Moon, the Moon is at its brightest and fullest. This one is extra special because it’s a “blue” Moon, which means it’s the second Full Moon in a single calendar month. Plus, it’s a “supermoon,” which means the Moon appears larger and brighter than usual.

The intentions you set during the Leo new moon have been quietly growing and brewing in the background. Think of them like seeds you’ve planted. When this Full Blue Supermoon arrives, it’s like a magical moment of manifestation. This is a time of heightened energy and potential. You might start to notice opportunities showing up, doors opening, and situations aligning in your favor, as your intentions start to manifest and come to life.

Think of setting positive intentions like creating a roadmap for your journey ahead. You have the power to choose what you want to bring into your life. Whether it’s a new skill you want to learn, a personal goal you want to achieve, or a new chapter you want to begin, this is your chance to put those desires into words. It’s like writing a letter to the Universe, telling it about your aspirations and dreams.

As your intentions start to unfold, you’ll likely experience growth in various areas of your life. This could be personal growth, like discovering new strengths within yourself, or it could be growth in your relationships, career, or personal pursuits. The Leo and Sagittarius energies combined bring a sense of adventure and excitement. It’s like a call to explore new territories and chase after your dreams with enthusiasm.

So, if you’ve been hoping for new opportunities, exciting experiences, or personal growth, the blue Moon could bring those things closer to reality. Keep an open heart and an open mind, and remember that the energy you put into your intentions during the New Moon will influence how things unfold during this special Full Moon.

It is time to embrace your unique qualities and set positive intentions for your future, and when the Full Blue Supermoon arrives, it’s like the Universe’s way of helping those intentions come true. It’s a time of growth, adventure, and wonderful possibilities.

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