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As we say goodbye to October and hello to November, there’s a clear change in the air. Every new month is a blank canvas, but November feels especially so, with the weight of eclipse season behind us, there’s a sense of clarity and insight that’s hard to miss. Things that once seemed muddled now become clear and events from the past, especially the whirlwind of the last couple of months, start making sense. Like the final pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place, the bigger picture emerges.

November has a unique glow to it, and much of it centers around the magical 11:11 portal on November 11th. When we see numbers like 11, 111, or especially 11:11 pop up throughout the month, it feels more than just a coincidence. These aren’t just ordinary numbers, they are signals from the Universe hinting at blessings, fresh starts, and a boost in our inner sensing or intuition.

11:11 is a wake-up call, as if the Universe sets an alarm, reminding us to tune into our deeper feelings and thoughts. Whenever these numbers appear, our intuition sharpens, helping us understand messages and signs around us better.

November can feel like an awakening month, as it has a deep spiritual vibe. When we see 11:11 pop up, it’s as if the Universe is gently tapping our shoulder, urging us to look inside and truly connect with our feelings and thoughts. Noticing this sequence is a sign to be present, to notice the changes both around us and within ourselves, and to welcome the new energy that this month brings.

11:11 is a signal, a brief moment when everything aligns seems to align perfectly. It represents the deep bonds we share and the invisible ties that connect souls. In November, as this number pops up more frequently, it’s a chance for us to think about our year, the moments we’ve cherished, and the relationships that have become even more valuable.

While the beginning of November feels like a gentle embrace, the end of the month brings with it the fiery energy of Sagittarius. This fire sign, known for its zest for life and adventure, sets the stage, and with Mars, the planet of drive and passion, entering Sagittarius shortly after, we’re all set for an energetic and highly spirited chapter.

Here are the important dates to look out for this month:

Nov 3 – Sun Opposite Jupiter
This particular alignment boosts our spirits, filling us with a renewed passion and excitement for life. It’s as if a spark has been ignited within, pushing you to face challenges with confidence and a can-do attitude. You might feel a surge of energy, making you want to chase those big dreams that you’ve been holding onto. And while it’s an incredible time to aim high and let your ambitions soar, it’s just as important to remember to stay balanced and grounded.

Nov 4 – Saturn Stations Direct
Saturn, often labeled the stern disciplinarian of the zodiac, is taking a forward stride once more. As it does, there’s a sweeping sense of clarity that accompanies its motion. If you’ve been wrestling with obligations, commitments, or perhaps some weighty decisions, this movement might feel like a breath of fresh air. The journey ahead, while still requiring effort and focus, appears less daunting and more manageable, offering a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Nov 8 – Venus Enters Libra
When Venus, the planet all about love and beauty, moves into Libra, it’s like relationships move into the spotlight. Things just seem to click better, and there’s more understanding and kindness when we talk to each other. It’s like the Universe is playing cupid in the background, making everyone want to get along and find harmony and balance. During this time, there’s a special vibe that makes friendships, love, and connections stronger. People seem to communicate easier and there’s a genuine feeling of give and take, making it a wonderful time to bond and relate with others on a heartfelt level.

Nov 10 – Mercury Enters Sagittarius
When Mercury, the planet in charge of talking and thinking, moves into the adventurous sign of Sagittarius, our communication and thoughts become more open and inquisitive. It’s a time to stretch our minds, be curious, and really enjoy discovering new things. Conversations might lead to exciting ideas and places you’ve never thought about before.

Nov 11 – 11:11 Portal
The 11:11 portal is wrapped in magic and mystery. For many, these numbers feel like a bridge to something bigger, like a sign from the Universe that something incredible is on the way. On this day, take a little time for yourself, sit quietly and think about your hopes and dreams. Imagine what you truly want, set some genuine goals, and believe that there are endless opportunities waiting just for you.

Nov 13 – Sun Opposite Uranus
This day has a hint of the unexpected, thanks to Uranus, the planet known for bringing change, so things might not go as planned when it is directly opposite the Sun. But remember, sometimes, a little shake-up is good, as it can help us see things differently. This could be a chance to break old patterns, try new approaches, or just view our daily lives from a different angle. Embracing the unexpected might lead you to discoveries you hadn’t imagined, uncovering new passions or reigniting old ones. So, even if the day throws a curveball your way, take a deep breath, adapt, and be open to the adventure that awaits.

Nov 13 – New Moon In Scorpio
The New Moon in the enigmatic sign of Scorpio signals a fresh start for our feelings and emotions. Scorpio’s vibe is all about digging deep and uncovering hidden treasures within ourselves. This moon phase is like a spa day for your soul, a moment to wash away any emotional clutter, refresh your spirit, and plant seeds for what you want to manifest next in your life. It’s a time to dream big, heal old wounds, and look forward to new beginnings with hope and determination.

Nov 22 – Sagittarius Season Begins
As Sagittarius season unfurls, the air becomes charged with its fire sign energy. This period is marked by a longing for adventure, knowledge, and discovery. Think of it as that invigorating feeling you get when standing at the edge of a cliff, the whole world spread out before you. And that’s the beauty of Sagittarius season; it pushes you to step outside your comfort zone, to be a bit more daring and adventurous in your pursuits. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, traveling to a place you’ve never been, or simply engaging in deeper conversations with those around you, there’s an innate desire to expand your horizons.

This season also encourages optimism and positivity, and as Sagittarians are known for their infectious enthusiasm, you might find yourself catching a bit of their upbeat spirit. Challenges that once seemed daunting might now be viewed as exciting opportunities for growth, so allow yourself to be carried by its vibrant energy. Embrace the urge to explore, learn, and connect, and most importantly, let yourself dream big, for this is a time where even the wildest of dreams feel within reach.

Nov 24 – Mars Enters Sagittarius
With Mars, the planet that fuels our actions and desires, moving into Sagittarius, our adventurous spirits get an extra boost. There’s this newfound zest that might make you feel restless, eager to jump into new experiences or chase down big dreams. Whether it’s embarking on a new project, planning a trip to a place you’ve never been, or simply taking on a challenge you’ve been hesitating about, the energy now pushes you to go for it. Embrace this spirited drive and let it guide you towards paths you’ve never tread before. Who knows what amazing things you might find?

Nov 27 – Full Moon In Gemini
Under this Full Moon, the focus is on sharing and understanding, thanks to Gemini’s influence. Gemini, symbolized by the twins, prompts us to look at things from various angles and to appreciate the beauty of different perspectives. It’s a time to communicate more openly and to truly value the power of listening. Picture yourself nestled in a comfy chair, a warm fire crackling in front of you, engaging in heartfelt conversations. As you exchange tales and insights, the gentle light from the fireplace casts a comforting glow, making every word feel closer to the heart. It’s a period where connections deepen, bridges are built, and the essence of togetherness is truly cherished.


Despite the energetic spike towards the month’s end, November, as a whole, offers a grounded stability. It’s a time to come to terms with the changes of the year, to understand that what remains with us now, as the year winds down, is what’s meant to be. It’s a gentle reminder that we cannot force connections or outcomes and that what is destined will find its way with divine timing.

November is a bridge – connecting the lessons of the past with the promise of the future. It is a time to take a moment to set the foundations for 2024, to truly value the authentic and meaningful in our lives, and to step forward with a heart full of gratitude and hope, as this month dreams really can come true.

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