New Moon Ritual

New moons are all about new beginnings, and there is no better time to make drastic change than during this moon phase.

On a New Moon we are being taught vital lessons about letting go of the old to clear space for the new. This often happens through losing things we once felt were important to us. This could mean people may end relationships with us or we might cut ties, we may either temporarily or permanently misplace items that had sentimental or financial value, or we may lose data due to technology malfunctioning, such as laptops or phones breaking, being stolen, or the information just seemingly “disappearing.”

Much of this will feel highly frustrating and even emotionally difficult to accept, although it is a major sign that we need to work hard at letting go of our attachment to whatever doesn’t exist in the present moment. 

Letting go is vital for soul growth, as when we attempt to hold on we remain stuck in old energy and struggle to move onward and create new experiences, relationships, and opportunities. Often, we don’t realise that we are holding on, as our emotions become trapped within our subconscious, so the universe sends us sharp lessons (like losing things!) to awaken us so we recognise we are not fully living in the present moment due to our attachment to the past.

The fastest and easiest way to spiritually awaken is not through learning various concepts, philosophies, and ancient practices—it is simply through the acceptance that all we really have is this present moment, and anything in the past or future is no longer or not yet part of our true reality here on Earth. So much of our pain and suffering is due to either anxiety over what’s already happened or fear of what we might encounter in the future, and we waste so much energy conjuring up scenarios and reminiscing about what isn’t actually here in the now. 

When we let go, we move with the flow, rather than remaining caught in resistance. Releasing the past also means we stop stressing about what the future holds, as we are not bringing fears, worries, and mistakes with us. Instead we trust that we have learned all we need from our journey so far, and each day is a new chance to learn, grow, and create new memories, experiences, and possibilities. 

However, it’s important that we don’t expect that existing this way will be free from the trials and tribulations of life, as the ups and downs are essential for soul growth and evolution. The clear message is to let go of the desire to hold or control the past or future—and to move forward without attachment, with acceptance, and expecting the unexpected. 

We often don’t realise the amount of energy expended when we contain so much of our past and live in anticipation of what the future holds—or how disempowering it is. When we learn to let go with grace and gratitude, we instantly discover that we not only feel freer and lighter, but we also let go of pain and suffering, which gives us an incredible amount of energy to focus on manifesting a beautiful existence in the present moment. 

To let anything go, we must surrender to what is. Surrendering is the most powerfully healing and transformational thing we can do—and sometimes it is our only option, as whether we like it or not, not everything or everyone is meant to be in our lives.

The most beneficial way to align with a new moon, is to spend plenty of time in solitude for much needed introspection, and to meditate as often as possible before, during, and after the new moon to connect with source energy and receive much needed insights, wisdom, and guidance from this transformational celestial event. 

All we need is a bowl of water, a floating candle, and sage or incense to burn. Fill the bowl with water, if possible from the ocean or lake, or pink Himalayan salt or natural sea salt added to tap water.

Find a spot outdoors—if possible by the lake, ocean, or in a forest—and sit cross-legged with a straight spine and head slightly lowered. (If this isn’t comfortable, choose any seated or supine position.) Hands can be placed in front of the chest, palms lightly together, and thumbs and little fingers touching one another. Breathe deeply to calm the mind.

Place the bowl on the ground and light the floating candle in the bowl. If you have healing crystals, these can also be placed in the water to enhance the effects of the ritual.

Write on a piece of paper anything you wish to release. It can be a word, a sentence, or entire paragraphs full of detail—whatever feels necessary to purge at the time.

Read aloud what has been written, and then immerse the piece of paper in the water to cleanse and transform the energy relating to the memories.

The flame from the floating candle is a purifier and neutralises any negativity emanating from the note; it also symbolises our intention to let go of any pain attached to it.

Next, inhale deeply through the nose, feeling the belly area expand; hold for approximately five seconds. On the inhale, notice the chest expanding slightly. This allows the heart chakra to open. While we are pausing, the energy stored in our lungs rejuvenates and recharges our circulatory system. We can then exhale slowly through the mouth before pausing for a few seconds and repeating the breathing exercise.

Deep breathing allows the flow of energy (prana) to move around the body and helps relieve tension surrounding the heart area. Each inhaled breath signifies the manifestation of new beginnings, and each exhaled breath signifies endings or releasing.

Continue to deeply inhale and exhale, and allow all thoughts in the mind to float around for a few moments. Notice which thought repeats continuously and focus attention briefly on it.

For a few moments, acknowledge the feelings attached to the thought and envisage gently blowing them away. Continue this process with other thoughts niggling at the mind. Allow them a few moments, and then release by taking focused attention away from them.

Next envisage your heart radiating with love, and repeat a powerful affirmation, such as: “With love, gratitude, and tenderness, I now let go of…” Or: “I release the past and have total acceptance for this moment.”

Meditation is about remaining as much in the present moment as possible. When we are present, there is little suffering. Whenever we feel our mind casting back or projecting forward, it is important to gently bring it back to the here and now.

As we continue meditating, we will release anxiety and any painful emotions accompanying our thoughts. We can meditate for a few minutes or longer depending on how we feel. The more often we meditate, the more effective the practice will be.

Burning sage at the end of the meditation cleanses any negative energy and positively charges the atmosphere with. We can ground our energy by drinking a glass of water with a few sprinkles of pink Himalayan salt in it, and keeping the awareness that we’re safely supported by the earth below.

Once we have completed the meditation, we can transfer our empowering thinking into our daily lives by remembering that thoughts can become repetitive. The more we think about something, the more that thought and the emotions attached to it linger. When we think positive thoughts, we experience “feel good” emotions. The opposite is also true. We have the power to change how we feel by remaining aware and in control of our thoughts.

Many of us may have felt emotionally depleted and challenged by the struggles we have endured. We are now ready to release them and walk into the next chapter of our lives wiser, lighter, freer, and open and ready for incredible new possibilities, opportunities and experiences.

Writing: Alex Myles

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Image: Unsplash Chinh Le Duc


  1. Wow. This article fell into my lap in such a timely manner. Imagine that…Synchronicity… I did a New Moon ritual last night. Pretty powerful magic. The article speaks to me in such a profound way. I have yet to make a habit of watching a blog often… but I have a shortcut to this one now. Thanks. Rock on. Blessings, Wanda

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