Mars In Cancer: March 25 – May 20

Mars, the planet associated with passion, aggression, and taking action, has now departed intellectual and communicative Gemini and moved into the caring and emotionally-sensitive sign of Cancer.

From now until May 20, 2023, this transit is likely to bring a noticeable change in our actions, emotions, healing, and decision-making, as we shift from a mental and communicative approach to a more heart-centered and feeling-based one.

Those with Cancer Sun, Moon, or rising signs may be more strongly affected by the energy of Mars in Cancer. It could impact their self-identity, approach to self-care, and outward expression, particularly in relation to unresolved emotional wounds. While they may find this energy comforting and familiar, it can also amplify their emotions and heighten their need for emotional security. However, it’s important to note that this transit will affect everyone, regardless of zodiac sign.

Adapting to the energy of Mars in Cancer may feel more challenging and quite foreign to the rest of us. This transit may clash with our typical approach to decision-making and action, leaving us feeling more emotionally exposed, vulnerable, and sensitive than normal.

We may need to make adjustments to navigate this energy and maintain our emotional well-being. For example, we might need to be more mindful of our emotional triggers and take steps to manage them in a healthy and rational way. We may also need to set boundaries and practice self-care to prevent emotional exhaustion or burnout.

Mars is typically linked with qualities such as aggression, assertiveness, and a go-getter attitude, but its energy can take on a different form depending on which sign it is in. During its extended stay in Gemini, between August 20th, 2022 and March 25th, 2023, Mars was able to showcase itself in a more intellectual and communicative way, centered on gathering information and expanding knowledge. It may have motivated us to participate in discussions, be more daring, and rely on our analytical and rational thinking when making choices.

Over the past seven months, Mars has been sharp-witted, curious, and constantly on the move. However, as Mars makes its way into the water sign of Cancer, it takes on the opposite approach, expressing itself in a gentler, more empathetic, and emotionally sensitive way.

While Mars is still dynamic and motivated to take action, its manner is more introspective and reflective. It becomes focused on emotional security, nurturing, compassion, and care, encouraging us to prioritize our emotional well-being and deepen our connections with loved ones.

When Mars enters Cancer it can feel like a shift from using the left side of the brain to the right, where emotions, intuition, and empathy play a more significant role in our decision-making. The switch in energy can feel quite dramatic and profound, and it may manifest as a sudden change in our emotional state. We may feel a surge of intense feelings, both positive and negative, and an increased sense of nurturing and compassion towards ourselves and others.

For those who are skilled at managing their emotions, this energy can be a welcome reprieve from the fast-paced and analytical energy of Mars in Gemini. However, for those who struggle with emotional regulation, and are used to being more logical and analytical, this surge of emotional energy may feel overwhelming or even disorienting. It can be challenging to adapt to a more emotionally-driven mindset, especially if we have not developed the tools and strategies needed to manage our emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

As Mars moves through the sensitive sign of Cancer, we may find ourselves navigating a minefield of feelings and emotions that are difficult to control. The energy of this transit can be quite intense, so we may find we are experiencing powerful fluctuations that can make us feel as though we are on an emotional rollercoaster.

Cancer is notoriously known for mood swings and emotional volatility, so we may struggle to communicate our feelings effectively at times. This transit might also bring up unresolved emotional issues, which may be challenging to confront and process.

We may also be more reminiscent of the past, finding it a struggle to let go of old hurts and wounds, as the transit of Mars in Cancer can stir up intense emotions that may have been suppressed or buried deep within us.

We may be more easily triggered by things that we would normally be able to brush off or ignore and we may find we are feeling more sensitive and vulnerable than usual, and be more likely to take things personally. This can lead to a tendency to overreact or become defensive when we feel threatened, and we may lash out without meaning to. We might also struggle to control how we are feeling, and experience sudden outbursts of anger or frustration, or find ourselves feeling sad or tearful for no clear reason.

Despite these challenges, Mars in Cancer presents an opportunity for us to work through these emotional challenges and develop greater emotional intelligence. Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon, which governs our emotions and subconscious mind. It is known for its emotional depth, enhanced intuition and sensitivity, and its ability to navigate through the ebb and flow of emotions with ease. This combination can create a potent energy that encourages us to dive deeper into our feelings and explore them more fully. By acknowledging and healthily processing our emotions, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationships, and we can grow and evolve and create stronger bonds with those most important to us.

While we are feeling more vulnerable and sensitive than usual, it can be tempting to retreat from the world to protect ourselves. However, by acknowledging and healthily processing what we are experiencing, we can gain deeper insight into ourselves and our relationships.

With Mars in Cancer, we might notice we are more perceptive of the emotions of others and that we feel a primal urge to protect and nurture those we love, almost to the point of being possessive. We may feel the desire to fiercely defend our family and home, with a heightened sense of loyalty and commitment We may also feel a heightened sensitivity to our surroundings, and have a greater need and desire for a comfortable and safe haven.

In Cancer, Mars may push us to take action that is grounded in our emotional needs and desires. It can inspire us to be more assertive in expressing our feelings and standing up for ourselves.

Cancer is a deeply nurturing and empathetic sign and this transit can encourage us to prioritize emotional connections with our loved ones over other aspects of our lives. Our focus may shift from individual achievement to valuing emotional security and stability above all else. We may feel a stronger pull towards spending quality time with family and close friends, and less of a drive towards work or other pursuits. This can be a time to deepen our emotional bonds with those closest to us, to create cherished memories, build and nurture relationships, and create a sense of belonging.

We may find we are more inclined to express our love and affection for those closest to us, and that we are more intuitive and empathetic, and better able to understand and connect with the emotions of those around us. We might also have a greater capacity to provide support and comfort to those in need, however, while we focus on our family life and relationships, we must be careful not to neglect our own emotional needs. It is important to find a balance between caring for others and caring for ourselves and to communicate our needs and boundaries.

The energy of Mars in Cancer can cause us to cling to what feels familiar and safe, which can be limiting and prevent us from taking risks and experiencing personal growth. We may find we are hesitant to try new things or take on new challenges, preferring to stick to what feels familiar. This resistance to change can be rooted in our fear of the unknown and our desire for emotional security and stability.

During this transit, we may feel a heightened sense of attachment to our home, family, and community, which can make it difficult to venture beyond our comfort zone and explore new opportunities. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that personal growth and progress often require us to take risks and push ourselves beyond our limits. Without doing so, we may become stagnant and miss out on opportunities for self-improvement.

To navigate this transition effectively, it’s crucial to approach it with mindfulness and awareness. By recognizing potential emotional triggers and staying grounded, we can manage our emotions in a healthy and rational way. This means embracing our feelings and allowing ourselves to experience them fully, while also maintaining control over them.

By embracing the energy of Mars in Cancer, we can deepen our emotional connections with others and build more caring and supportive relationships. This transit encourages us to step into our emotional power and courageously embrace our vulnerability and authenticity, using our emotional intelligence to create stronger and more fulfilling bonds.

Alex Myles

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