Leo: Mercury Retrograde – Feeling The Emotional Push & Pull

Between August 23 and September 15, 2023, Mercury appears to journey backward in the meticulous sign of Virgo. While many brace for tech malfunctions and unforeseen misunderstandings, there’s more beneath the surface, especially for our fiery and vivacious Leos.

Virgo, an earth sign, stands as a symbol of precision and analytical prowess. Paired with Mercury, the planet governing communication, travel, and technology, we’re thrust into a realm where details reign supreme. For many, it’s a time of careful introspection, recalibration, and reflection.

But for Leos, those charismatic, shining stars of the zodiac, known for their grand gestures and dramatic flair, this might feel a bit different. Leos love to be center stage, with big actions and big dreams, but during this time, it’s like they’ve been given a magic magnifying glass to look closely at the world.

Instead of feeling out of place, Leos can see this as a special adventure. It’s a chance to add sparkle and make their dreams and plans bigger and better. With Virgo’s careful touch and Mercury’s clear voice, Leos can make their ideas shine.

In their relationships, both with friends and family, Leos have a golden opportunity during this phase. By leaning into the energy of Virgo and Mercury, they can learn to appreciate the subtle nuances of conversations and connections.

When Leos listen intently, they might find that there’s a world of emotions, hopes, and memories shared in those hushed tones or even in the spaces between words. By paying attention to these little things, they can unlock stories and feelings that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

For instance, a simple chat about a family recipe could unravel tales of ancestral journeys and traditions. A casual catch-up with a friend could bring to light shared dreams and memories that deepen the bond. Furthermore, these “little chats” are not just about listening but also about sharing. For Leos, known for their grand tales and big gestures, sharing small, everyday stories or vulnerabilities can bring a different kind of intimacy to their relationships. It’s a softer, more personal connection, like sharing a secret or a whispered dream.

In essence, during this period, Leos can find magic in the mundane. Each conversation, no matter how everyday it seems, has the potential to be a treasure trove of deeper connections, shared histories, and mutual dreams.

Leos are like bright suns, always shining and leading the way with their big hearts and confident spirit. They’re the type of friends who are always there for you, full of energy and big ideas.

With Virgo’s help, Leos can make their dreams even more special, and turn their already amazing ideas into something even more impressive. So, Leos, use this time to check, refine, and shine even brighter!

Leos, who usually think big, might find themselves zooming in on the details during this period. Perhaps they overlooked a small step in their plan or there’s a slight adjustment that could make everything run smoother. It’s a time for refining, tweaking, and making sure everything is just perfect.

During this period, memories might not be the only things from the past making a reappearance. Old faces, ones that Leos might not have seen or thought about in a while, could suddenly pop back into their lives. This unexpected blast from the past could come in various forms: a message from an old friend, bumping into a former classmate at a café, or even an old project partner reaching out.

For some Leos, these reconnections can offer a chance to mend things. Maybe there was a disagreement or misunderstanding that was never resolved. Now, with the gift of time and perhaps a fresh perspective, there’s an opportunity to heal and put those old hurts to rest.

For others, it might be a time of rekindling. Old friendships that faded due to distance, time, or life’s many changes can spark back to life. Catching up on shared memories, laughing over past adventures, and updating each other on life’s new chapters can be a heartwarming experience.

In the realm of love, Leos might feel like they’ve stepped onto a thrilling yet unpredictable ride. Naturally, Leos love to shower their partners with grand gestures, bold declarations, and lavish surprises. Their idea of romance often plays out like a scene from a blockbuster movie.

However, with Virgo’s influence during this time, there’s a subtle push towards the simpler, more understated moments of love. Instead of grand evenings out, it might be the quiet dinners at home or the soft-spoken words of assurance that carry more weight. It’s about holding hands during a walk, enjoying silent moments together, or just cuddling on the couch. These silent acts of love can be just as powerful as the big, dramatic gestures, if not more so.

But there’s another layer to this period. Memories and emotions from past relationships might start bubbling to the surface. While it might be tempting to push these feelings aside, Leos should see this as a treasure trove of learning. By revisiting these memories, they can gain insights into past patterns, understand what worked or what didn’t, and more importantly, recognize what they truly want in a partner.

On the social scene, Leos, who are often the stars of any gathering, might find this period a bit tricky. Known for lighting up rooms with their vibrant energy and charisma, they might encounter a few hiccups in communication during this time.

For instance, their usual enthusiastic anecdotes or jokes might be misinterpreted, or they might find themselves on the receiving end of a comment they didn’t quite expect. These minor missteps in communication could lead to unexpected reactions or even little misunderstandings among friends or acquaintances.

Then there’s the subject of shelved projects. Perhaps there was an idea or venture that Leos once started with someone but, for one reason or another, it got pushed to the side. With past acquaintances coming back into the picture, there’s a chance to revisit those projects and breathe new energy into these endeavors, combining old ideas with new insights.

In essence, this period serves as a bridge between the past and the present for Leos. It allows them to pick up where they left off, whether that’s in relationships or projects, and move forward with renewed energy, understanding, and purpose.

In the professional realm, Leos might feel a cosmic slowdown. Projects they lead may reveal overlooked details, pushing them to reassess and recalibrate. But as with all things Leo, there’s a silver lining. Embracing these details could be the key to achieving unparalleled excellence, as for Leos, this is a chance to take their work to the next level. By embracing the details and refining their approach, they can create results that truly stand out and showcase their dedication to excellence.

This retrograde doesn’t come without its challenges as the typically expressive Leo may find articulating their ideas a tad more challenging. That grand plan might require a second look, tech projects could stutter, and a seemingly ready-to-launch initiative might demand further revision.

During this period, Leos have a chance to embrace the finer points of life. Instead of getting annoyed by the little things, they can try to see the value in them. A little patience can go a long way, and it’s crucial for Leos to express themselves clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

On a personal level, it’s a great moment for introspection. Leos can dive deep into their thoughts, figuring out their true desires. And, given their natural inclination to dream big, this can be an exciting time to envision a bright and ambitious future. In short, it’s a period for Leos to fine-tune their approach to life, ensuring their path aligns with their grandest aspirations.

While the roar of Leo is iconic, this Mercury retrograde gently reminds our majestic lions that in certain circumstances the most profound statements are whispered. As they embrace this introspective journey, they’ll emerge on the other side with even more clarity, wisdom, and brilliance. After all, every retrograde eventually turns direct, and this one promises to leave Leos so much richer in experience and insight.

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