Jupiter Conjunct Chiron: Healing Portal Open March 9-15

Jupiter and Chiron align in a rare astrological alignment between March 9-15, unlocking a potent healing portal. Those who are highly sensitive to energy will feel it most intensely at the peak of the conjunction on March 12.

This cosmic window allows access to a deeper level of awareness and understanding, and highlights our deep-seated and repressed pain and trauma. This is as a time for healing old wounds and being liberated from patterns and beliefs that limit our growth and well-being.

The movement of celestial bodies can have a major impact on both the energy of the universe, and our own personal energy. The positioning of planets coincides with times of greater healing, growth, and transformation and are known to powerfully affect our subconscious and conscious mind, influencing our moods, emotions, and behaviors. 

The Jupiter-Chiron conjunction has likely been felt as a buildup of energy or intensity since February 23, 2023. While these two energies have been growing closer, we may have noticed our unhealed emotional wounds being activated, as they are brought to the surface for healing.

For those who are sensing the impact of this transit, it may feel like you are reliving painful experiences from the past, either through memories resurfacing, communication triggering repressed emotions, realistic dreams, or during meditation and introspection. 

Those who suffer with chronic pain, or unresolved emotional pain and trauma, may be particularly receptive to the energy of this conjunction, and may continue feeling it’s healing influence until March 29, 2023, or possibly longer.

Jupiter represents expansion, growth, optimism, and higher learning, Chiron is associated with wounds, healing, wisdom, and learning from our pain, while Aries is related to self-assertion, self-discovery, individuality, taking action, and new beginnings.

The combination of this energy marks a significant period of personal growth, which may bring up painful emotions, vulnerabilities, and past dynamics regarding our sense of self that needs to be acknowledged. This transit is the optimum time to reflect on how our past has shaped us and to work on healing any wounds that may still be affecting us and holding us back.

Chiron symbolizes the physical, psychological, spiritual or intellectual “sore points” we carry throughout our lives and that can be difficult to confront and heal. This inner conflict can come from a variety of sources, such as childhood experiences, family dynamics, past relationships, or even societal and cultural pressures.

Trauma can have a lasting impact on our sense of self-worth, identity, and ability to form healthy relationships with others. Our childhood experiences, particularly traumatic ones, can leave deep emotional scars that influence our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors well into adulthoodm, and are known to cause low self-esteem and self-worth.

Past relationships, especially those that were significant, can leave us with unresolved emotions and conflicting feelings. For example, if we experienced a painful breakup or betrayal, we may find it difficult to trust others or open up emotionally in future relationships. This can lead to feelings of fear or even avoidance when it comes to forming intimate connections with others.

Societal and cultural pressures can also contribute to creating inner conflicts, such as; unrealistic expectations around happiness, beauty, body image, or success. When these expectations clash with our personal values or desires, we may feel torn between conforming to societal norms and being true to ourselves. 

All these factors can cause a sense of alienation, isolation, loneliness, and feeling ‘different’ or disconnected to others, which can lead to a range of negative emotions and physical symptoms. This can manifest in various ways, such as; anxiety, depression, self-doubt, or even physical symptoms like chronic pain or fatigue.

Other wounds that resurface may bring up intense emotions related to past traumatic experiences, such as; being bullied, ostracized or rejected, and feeling exposed, unworthy, inadequate or ashamed, and this may cause us to feel vulnerable and insecure.

Sometimes it can feel as though we are trapped in a cycle of suffering, repeating the same patterns in our lives. One explanation for this is that our past experiences and wounds can create subconscious patterns that continue to influence our behavior and decisions, even when we are not aware of it. Until we confront and heal these wounds, these patterns may cause us to attract and engage in relationships or events that seem to replay and trigger the same themes and issues over and again.

This is why healing and self-discovery work is so important – it allows us to identify and release these old wounds, and to break free from the cycles that have been keeping us stuck. Through healing we can find the peace and wholeness we have been searching for, and create new healthier patterns of growth and positivity in our lives, and in the lives of those around us.

Chiron is known as the “wounded healer” and showcases our potential to be compassionate and powerful healers and agents of change. When we are able to work through our own pain and trauma, we develop a deep empathy and understanding for the struggles of others, particularly those going through similar challenges. This allows us to use our own healing experiences to support others on their own healing journey.

The combination of Jupiter and Chiron’s energy can be a powerful catalyst for healing and transformation, as although it amplifies our painful experiences, it also gives us a deeper insight into the root causes of our pain and how it has been impacting our lives. It inspires us to address our emotional wounds and triggers, and helps us see our wounds in a new light so we can release and heal them. 

With gentle introspection, we can make the most of this powerful astrological aspect and use it to deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, so that we evolve and move forward with greater clarity, purpose, and authenticity.

It’s important to remember that healing is a process, and it may take time and effort to fully release our wounds and traumas. Journaling, meditation, therapy, spending time in nature, and other forms of self-care can be helpful in processing difficult emotions and experiences. This can provide space and time to process emotions and work through old wounds.

Many people struggle with feelings of unworthiness that stems from unhealed emotional wounds. It is okay to reach out for support and help, and with time and self-care, find ways to heal and move towards greater self-acceptance and self-love.

It is important to be mindful of how and who we communicate our feelings and experiences to others during this time. While it’s important to seek support and connection, we may want to be aware of who we are sharing our deepest vulnerabilities with, as some people may not be equipped to hold space for our emotions in a healthy and supportive way. 

While astrology can help give us a better understand of ourselves and our relationships with others, leading to personal growth, and they can be a helpful addition to our healing journey, it is important to emphasize that it should not be considered a substitute for professional medical or mental health care. It is essential to seek guidance from licensed professionals for any health concerns.

Alex Myles

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