How Venus Retrograde Impacts Our Relationships: July 22 – Sept 3

Venus, the planet of love, romance, beauty, and values, will be retrograde from July 22nd until September 3rd. During this time, we are encouraged to pay attention to our desires, who and what captivates our hearts, what we find enticing and appealing, and the sources of passion and pleasure in our lives. It also calls us to be aware of the seductive and tempting aspects associated with Venus, who is often depicted as both the goddess of love and the goddess of war.

Venus retrograde takes us on a wild ride into the depths of our relationships, uncovering the illusions and hidden truths lurking beneath the surface. Venus will be playing the role of a cosmic truth-teller, unveiling the veils hiding the shadow sides of people’s nature and gently coaxing masks to fall and facades to fade away. It will seem as though a spotlight shines on the people around us, revealing their true selves beneath the surface, allowing us to see genuine feelings, motivations, emotions, hopes, fears, dreams, and insecurities more clearly.

This enables us tell the difference between genuine and deceptive intentions. During this phase, we may encounter shocks and surprises as we uncover the true colors of people we thought we knew well. Some may show their best qualities, while others may reveal their vulnerabilities or less desirable traits. Some revelations may bring us closer to others, while others might leave us with questions and uncertainties.

Venus, the Roman goddess, possesses a fascinating and lesser-known aspect of her nature that serves as a potent emotional weapon. On the battlefield, her mastery in manipulating emotions played a key role in gaining strategic advantages. Venus proved to be a formidable force, capable of causing disharmony and weakening her opponents’ unity by disturbing peace within the enemy ranks. With deliberate intent, she ignited potent emotions among the enemy troops, significantly influencing the course of war. Her exceptional ability to stir feelings of love, passion, and desire was so profound that it penetrated the hearts of her enemies.

Love, typically associated with unity and harmony, became a divisive and disruptive force under the manipulation of the goddess of love herself. As disagreements and internal conflicts rose among the troops, they became less focused and united, making them easier to defeat. By arousing desire and passion in her adversaries, Venus skilfully created distractions, disrupted coordination, weakened resolve, diminished determination, and disturbed teamwork. The outcomes of battles were not solely determined by physical prowess and strategy; they were also heavily influenced by the profound psychological impact of the goddess’s emotional manoeuvers.

This intriguing revelation sheds light on often overlooked elements of conflict. It reminds us that winning battles is not always fully reliant on physical power, but can also be about influencing the emotions and objectives of those engaged in warfare. Venus reveals to us that in the chaos of war our minds can be dangerously manipulated by the heightened emotions of love and desire.

With Venus entering its retrograde phase, a sudden realization washes over us. We start to comprehend how emotional tactics have unexpectedly influenced and impacted our lives. We may become aware of the subtle ways in which emotional allure, charm, or persuasion is used to achieve goals or where psychological tactics are used to control or manipulate situations. It might become apparent that we, too, possess the potential to wield emotions and use mind games as a tool to gain an upper hand in our relationships, sway outcomes, or gain an advantage.

We might uncover instances when our desires and passions swayed our decisions, leading us astray from our true intentions. As our awareness deepens, we not only acknowledge our own inclination to use covert strategies, but we also notice the underlying behaviors displayed by others. The retrograde energy acts as a mirror, reflecting our actions and motivations, inviting us to take an honest look at ourselves.

As we delve deeper into self-exploration, we gain insight into our emotional patterns and we may uncover the subconscious reasons that have driven us to resort to emotional tactics, such as a need for validation, fear of rejection, or a desire to feel powerful. This newfound awareness enables us to evaluate the impact of such behavior on our relationships and interactions and we might recognize how these tactics can lead to temporary gains but potentially damage trust and authenticity in the long run.

With this awareness, we have an opportunity for growth and transformation. Armed with a deeper understanding of ourselves, we can choose to embrace more authentic and sincere ways of relating to others. Looking back at our past with a retrospective gaze doesn’t involve passing judgment on our emotions or the decisions we’ve made, instead it presents a chance for growth and healing.

During this retrograde, Venus’ energy enhances our charisma and magnetism and we seem to be able to naturally attract others towards us. We may find we are more captivating and intriguing, radiating an irresistible vibe that draws attention and admiration. Our inherent allure is amplified, while Venus is retrograde, making it easier to draw in both romantic interests and meaningful connections. As we exude this mysterious charm, we create a magnetic pull that sparks curiosity and fascination in others. We will be making a lasting impression on those who cross our path as our enigmatic nature radiates, capturing the hearts and minds of those we encounter.

As we undergo an intensified magnetic influence, it becomes essential to handle this energy with care and responsibility throughout the Venus retrograde period. By approaching this phase with integrity, we can harness the power of attraction to build genuine connections grounded in sincerity and mutual respect.

Venus retrograde is a time when we’re thrown headfirst into some seriously valuable lessons about our relationships. It sheds light on the authenticity and stability of our current connections. Whether we’re tangled up in an existing partnership or daydreaming about a potential flame, this period puts our bonds to the ultimate test.

The underlying issues we’ve been sweeping under the rug won’t stay hidden for long as Venus retrograde forces us to face the cold, hard truth and examine the reality of our situations. However, it is important to remember that Venus retrograde is not a time for impulsive actions or for playing games, but rather for contemplation and reflection.

This retrograde can help us recognize that nobody is perfect, and just because we learn something that alters our perception of someone it doesn’t mean we have to cut them out of our lives completely. Instead, we can take a step back, reevaluate our priorities, and set some healthy boundaries with people we can’t entirely trust. Venus helps us take a closer look at the expectations we have for others and learn a lot about ourselves in the process.

During Venus retrograde, our current relationships receive a wake-up call, urging us to confront any lingering issues directly. The problems, difficulties, and disagreements we’ve been avoiding suddenly demand our complete focus and understanding. This period ignites open and honest communication, encouraging us to delve into the root causes of conflicts and pursue resolutions.

This period also encourages us to honestly assess whether we have been living in a fantasy and turning a blind eye to any issues that might have surfaced within our connections. Are we holding onto a romanticized version of relationships, reluctant to acknowledge any cracks or vulnerabilities that may have appeared? Are we glossing over the warning signs and red flags that might be telling us something important about the people we are connected to? It nudges us to inquire whether we have been residing in a state of make-believe, shielding ourselves from uncomfortable realities, and avoiding inconvenient truths.

Venus retrograde nudges us to do some soul-searching, particularly for those connections that were established before the retrograde began. It’s a time for deep reflection, making us question the true nature and satisfaction we seek from these relationships. We’re encouraged to reevaluate if these connections are truly aligned with our core values, aspirations, and personal development.

Relationships that begin during this retrograde might not offer the same chance for self-reflection. Our perception could become skewed and unbalanced, making it difficult to gather sufficient information about the people we’ve recently connected with. This can lead to jumping to conclusions, misinterpreting signals, and making incorrect and hasty assumptions. While this phase can be a whirlwind of intensity and passion, it is essential to proceed with caution before diving headfirst into new love affairs or any area of our lives that sparks strong emotions. Taking a step back to gain clarity and truly understand the dynamics of new connections is essential to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or heartache.

During this time, nostalgia takes center stage, inviting us to explore our memories and embrace the bittersweet emotions that surface. We might feel a yearning for moments from the past, reminiscing about days gone by and contemplating the significance of those experiences.

The energy of second-chances seems to fill the atmosphere, enticing us to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on the past. It also offers us a chance to revisit dreams and unresolved matters that were left hanging. A window for reconciliation opens, allowing past flames and old friends to reappear, presenting an opportunity to heal lingering emotions and repair broken bridges. We may find ourselves treading a delicate balance between nostalgia and hope, allowing our hearts to open to the possibility of rekindling soul connections.

With the theme of second chances, Venus retrograde encourages us to reassess our relationships, both romantic and platonic, and consider if there are any unresolved issues that deserve another chance. It’s a time to reconnect with old connections, reevaluate their significance, and potentially find reconciliation or closure. We will feel compelled to tie up loose ends and come to an understanding about why certain relationships thrived or faced challenges.

We might find ourselves contemplating the valuable lessons we’ve learned, the growth we’ve experienced, and the patterns that shaped our interactions. There is a subtle yet potent shift in the cosmic energies that nudges us to reflect profoundly on our relationships, allowing us to gain insights into how our past has influenced our present.

Through the lens of introspection, we gain awareness of any unfulfilled needs and desires in our relationships. It encourages us to delve into what sustains our connections and what might be sabotaging them or holding them back. This self-discovery prompts us to make conscious efforts in addressing any underlying issues or misalignments within our relationships.

While reconciliations are possible, it’s essential to approach these opportunities with discernment and clarity. Not every reconnection may be in our best interest, as the retrograde can temporarily obscure our judgment and emotions. Taking the time to reflect and assess whether these rekindled relationships align with our current values and aspirations is vital.

Amidst this potential for reconnection, there can also be a touch of disappointment as some friendships or relationships may reach their natural end. While the idea of reconnecting with people from our past might fill us with hope and excitement, it’s essential to recognize that time can bring about changes in people, circumstances, and priorities. While some connections may thrive and grow stronger, others might reveal signs of fading or becoming strained over time.

As we delve into the intricacies of our connections, we might come to the realization that certain relationships have run their course and are no longer aligned with our current paths. This realization can be bittersweet, as we might have shared cherished memories and experiences with these individuals, making it difficult to let go.

There might be a sense of sadness for the shared memories and experiences that once brought joy and companionship and there could be a tinge of regret, wondering if there was anything more we could have done to salvage the connection. We might also feel a pang of disappointment as we come to terms with the fact that things have changed, and we can no longer maintain the same level of closeness or bond that we once had. While saying goodbye to certain relationships might be difficult, it can also pave the way for new beginnings and fresh opportunities. The closure of one chapter often marks the opening of another, and letting go of what no longer serves us creates space for new, potentially more fulfilling connections to enter our lives.

Reciprocated energy becomes a central theme during this period. We become more attuned to the give-and-take within our relationships, whether it’s within friendships, romantic partnerships, or even familial bonds. We notice patterns of mutual understanding and support, as well as instances where the energy feels imbalanced or lacks effort. We may feel like one person is consistently giving more than the other, leading to a sense of frustration or disappointment.

In these situations, the dynamic can become strained, leaving one person feeling undervalued or unappreciated. As we observe these patterns, we may find ourselves pondering the reasons behind the imbalances. Is it a result of miscommunication or differing expectations? Are there unresolved issues that need addressing? This soul-searching may lead to us reassessing the level of investment we put into certain relationships and considering whether they align with our values and emotional well-being.

Venus retrograde is a cosmic mirror offering an opportunity for self-reflection by looking back at past experiences and understanding why they didn’t work out or slipped through our fingers. This period can help us come to realize a fascinating truth: the people and connections we attract are often reflections of our inner emotions and beliefs. It’s as if the Universe gently whispers, “Look closely, for these encounters are not mere coincidences; they carry profound messages about your own journey.”

Diving deeper into these connections helps us explore how they influenced our self-worth, self-esteem, and self-value. Why did we draw some of them into our lives with irresistible magnetism, while others were repelled?

Our relationships are a chance to understand ourselves better and grow from our experiences and they are always a source of valuable lessons if we’re open to recognizing and learning from them. There’s a saying that these lessons will keep reappearing until we bravely confront them and embrace the wisdom they offer.

The Venus retrograde phase can be emotionally intense, especially when it comes to matters of love and confronting past conflicts. However, we can make the most of this time by practicing forgiveness, acceptance, and self-love. It’s about understanding that everything we’ve allowed into our lives has had a purpose, and by embracing that, we can grow and evolve.

During this period of self-reflection, we may find ourselves diving deep into our own needs and desires. Are we genuinely satisfied and happy in our relationships, or are we settling for less than we deserve? Venus retrograde urges us to be truthful with ourselves, with the main focus on self-worth and self-love. By aligning our relationships with our genuine desires and values, we can seek connections that truly resonate with our authentic selves.

During this retrograde, we gain a deeper understanding of the relationships we’ve moved on from. These connections served their purpose, offering lessons and insights into human interactions. But what matters most is the realization of valuing and cherishing ourselves and understanding the importance of self-love and self-acceptance.

Venus retrograde gives us a chance to take a fresh look at our relationships and gain a clear understanding of their true nature. It’s a time to face the truth and make thoughtful choices about the connections we want to keep and the ones we are ready to let go of.

As we understand why past relationships succeeded or faced challenges, we learn valuable lessons about human connections. This introspection brings heightened awareness and a deeper understanding of the people who impacted our lives significantly and we recognize the patterns and themes that have shaped our relationships.

During Venus retrograde, the key is to prioritize self-love and self-care. When we genuinely care for ourselves, we naturally attract authentic love from others. This phase empowers us to decide the kind of energy we want to emanate and welcome into our lives. It’s a time of transformation, where we can release old emotions and embrace fresh experiences. We have the chance to break free from limiting beliefs, old ways of thinking, and harmful habits and behaviors that may have held us back for too long.

During this period, we may experience a surge in synchronicities and receive meaningful messages from the Universe. It’s essential to be attentive to signs, symbols, and unexpected encounters, as they can carry valuable guidance and insights. The Universe is providing us with support and reassurance, guiding us towards making informed decisions and aligning ourselves with our destined path.

Venus retrograde, occurring once every 18 months, presents us with a unique and profound opportunity for a soul-searching adventure. It’s a cosmic invitation to shed the weight of our past, much like a phoenix soaring from the ashes. During this celestial phase, we are urged to let go of what no longer serves us, embrace growth, and emerge stronger, ready to embark on a new chapter in our lives.

Releasing what holds us back sparks a positive transformation within us. This period becomes one of renewal, where we openly embrace new connections and make room for fresh experiences and endless possibilities. Ultimately, this cosmic phase marks the beginning of a beautiful chapter filled with growth, love, fulfilment, and exploration in our lives.

Alex Myles


  1. Any thoughts on how this Venus retrograde will affect those born during a Venus retrograde of which I am one…

  2. Last few days I was thinking about my relation with people around me, people I know and here it is … Thank you So much Alex 💕💕💕

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