Goddess Kurukulla: The Symbol of Love, Desire & Strength

In the realm of deities and divine figures, there exists a goddess whose name, Kurukulla, resonates with both passion and empowerment. This lesser-known yet powerful and captivating deity hails from Buddhist tradition and is the embodiment of love, desire, and fierce determination.

Kurukulla, often depicted in a youthful form, embodies the perfect blend of beauty and dynamism. Imagine a goddess dressed in vivid red, which reflects both intense love and limitless energy, with a radiant appearance that brings magic wherever she is. On one hand, she holds an arrow, a sign of her ability to touch hearts and ignite desire. On the other hand, she clasps a flower, a symbol of desires blooming into love.

Kurukulla is famous for her enchanting dance, a spellbinding motion that mirrors the dance of wishes within our hearts. She isn’t only a sign of everyday wishes; she’s also a representation of our deep spiritual yearning for understanding. When she dances, she wakes up the hidden abilities inside us, encouraging us to embrace our dreams and welcome big changes.

At first, it might seem strange to link love and freedom, but Kurukulla does it wonderfully. She shows us that real love doesn’t tie us down; it sets us free. Just like her arrow hits the heart spot, she inspires us to let go of the things that stop us from being who we really are. By embracing what we want and what makes us passionate, we find the bravery to shake off the limits we put on ourselves.

Kurukulla’s impact isn’t limited to just statues or art; it reaches into the world of rituals. In specific Buddhist customs, people call upon her to tap into the strength of drawing things towards them, like a magnet. Those who follow her seek her blessings not to benefit themselves, but to make good things happen. She’s a strong reminder that having power means using it kindly and thoughtfully.

While Kurukulla might not be as widely recognized as some other goddesses, her stories are equally captivating. One legend narrates her role in subduing a powerful demon through the transformative power of love. This tale serves as a metaphor for our inner battles, highlighting how love and determination can overcome even the most difficult challenges.

Invoking the energy of Goddess Kurukulla involves a combination of intention, visualization, meditation, and devotion. Remember that Kurukulla is a deity from Buddhist tradition, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism, so it’s important to approach the practice with respect and a sincere heart.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to invoke the energy of Goddess Kurukulla:

  1. Setting Your Intention: Begin by clarifying your intention for invoking Kurukulla’s energy. Are you seeking to enhance your passion, attract positive change, or work on your relationships? Having a clear intention will help you focus your energy during the practice.
  2. Choose a Sacred Space: Find a quiet and clean space where you can perform your practice without distractions. You can create a small altar with an image or representation of Goddess Kurukulla, along with offerings such as flowers, incense, or candles.
  3. Offerings and Devotion: Before you begin, offer your sincere respect and devotion to Goddess Kurukulla. Light incense or a candle as a symbol of illumination and purity. Express your intentions and seek her blessings.
  4. Visualization: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Visualize the radiant form of Goddess Kurukulla in your mind’s eye. Imagine her vibrant red attire, her arrow, and the flower she holds. Feel her energy surrounding you, enveloping you in warmth and empowerment.
  5. Mantra Chanting: In Tibetan Buddhism, mantras are potent tools for connecting with deities’ energies. Kurukulla’s mantra is “OM KURUKULLE HRIH SOHA.” Chant this mantra repeatedly, either silently or aloud, allowing its vibrations to resonate within you. This chanting can help you attune to her energy.
  6. Meditation: After chanting the mantra, enter into a meditative state. Visualize yourself embodying the qualities of Kurukulla: passion, love, empowerment, and transformation. Imagine these qualities radiating from your heart center, touching every aspect of your being.
  7. Affirmations: Speak affirmations that resonate with Kurukulla’s energy. For example, affirm, “I embrace my desires with courage,” or “I am a magnet for positive change and transformation.” Repeat these affirmations with conviction.
  8. Express Gratitude: As you conclude your practice, express your gratitude to Goddess Kurukulla for her presence and blessings. Reflect on the energy you’ve invoked and how it aligns with your intentions.
  9. Integration: Carry the energy of Kurukulla with you throughout your day. Stay mindful of the qualities you’ve invoked and seek opportunities to embody them in your actions, thoughts, and interactions.
  10. Regular Practice: Invoking Kurukulla’s energy is a practice that can be repeated whenever you need her guidance. Consistency and sincerity in your practice will deepen your connection to her energy.

Below are a couple of chants/spells that can be used during the ritual:

“Radiant Kurukulla, embodiment of passion and power, I invoke your energy in this sacred hour. With your vibrant red and arrow so true, Guide my desires, let them blossom and renew.

Goddess of love, let your spirit ignite, A fire within me, burning bright. Grant me courage to embrace my dreams, And the strength to transform, or so it seems.

By your flower’s grace and arrow’s art, Infuse me with love, right from the heart. With compassion and wisdom, let me thrive, As I invoke your essence, may I truly come alive.

Kurukulla, I welcome your embrace, Empower me to live life with grace. As I dance to my dreams, passions unfurl, With your energy, I become a force of the world.

So mote it be.”


“Radiant Kurukulla, in reunion’s sweet embrace, I seek your energy, filling this space. With your vibrant red and arrow’s precise art, Guide our reunion, mending what was apart.

Goddess of passion, rekindle the fire, Two souls reunited, igniting desire. Give us strength to heal what was torn, As we reunite, may love be reborn.

By your flower’s bloom and arrow’s skill, Bind us together, let time stand still. With compassion and wisdom, mend what’s wrong, As we come together, where we truly belong.

Kurukulla, bless our reunion’s grace, Empower us to mend, to find our place. As we reconnect, our souls unfurl, With your energy, we rebuild our world.

So mote it be.”

Incorporating Kurukulla’s energy into our lives doesn’t have to require a specific ritual. Simple practices like meditation, where we visualize her radiance, can help us tap into her power.

When you call upon Kurukulla’s energy, it’s not only about getting what you want, it’s also about becoming better inside, cherishing what you love, and changing for the better while being kind and wise. When you try this, do it with respect and honesty, and may you receive the strength and love that Kurukulla brings.

The captivating Goddess Kurukulla shines as a guide of love, strength, and change that lives inside us all. Through her stories, wisdom, and symbols, Kurukulla motivates us to chase our dreams, embrace our passions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Just as her precise arrow finds its mark, let her spirit guide us towards genuine love and unwavering strength.

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