In the grand cosmic scheme, events follow sequences, and we are currently amidst a remarkable one – four consecutive supermoons. The first one appeared on July 2, followed by the second on August 1, and the third on August 30-31. This intense energetic period will reach its peak with the fourth supermoon on September 28-29, 2023.

A “supermoon” happens when the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth, making it appear larger and brighter in the sky. A “blue moon” is the term given to the second full moon that appears in a calendar month, a relatively uncommon occurrence.

The month of August is particularly extraordinary, as it features two supermoons within the same month, an event that won’t repeat for another 14 years, until January 2037.

A blue moon doesn’t come around very often, occurring roughly once every 2.7 years. That’s why the phrase “once in a blue moon” refers to rare occurrences. So, when we get the chance to witness a blue supermoon, it’s like experiencing amplified magic! It’s the perfect time to make wishes and take action to turn our dreams into reality.

What makes these supermoons so special is their long-lasting impact. Unlike regular full moons that affect us for just a few days, the energy of this cycle is intense, highly charged, and life-altering. It has been consistently present since the first supermoon in July and will continue to influence us until the last one at the end of September.

When a blue moon appears, something extraordinary happens—the air is charged with a unique and special energy. During these rare moments, our senses become supercharged. Our intuition, sensitivity, perception, and sense of empowerment soar to new heights. It’s as if the Universe opens a gateway to deeper realms of consciousness, allowing us to access hidden insights and understandings that might remain hidden at other times. With this heightened intuition, we can navigate life with greater clarity and make well-informed decisions.

In addition to the heightened intuition, we become more attuned to the energies surrounding us. We start noticing subtle nuances, emotions, and vibrations with greater clarity. This increased sensitivity enhances our empathic abilities, allowing us to connect on a deeper level with others and truly understand their feelings and needs. It’s like unlocking a whole new dimension of understanding and connection with the people we are closest to.

This heightened perception goes beyond merely understanding emotions; it delves into a deeper awareness of the world. We start noticing patterns, synchronicities, and signs that we might have overlooked before. It’s like a veil has been lifted, revealing the wonders of the universe and our interconnectedness with everything around us.

The Aquarius Full Moon brings powerful energy that can have a profound impact on those who are sensitive to celestial events. If you’re someone who feels energy intensely, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the constant flow of emotional energy during this time. To handle this phase effectively, it’s essential to process any emotions or past feelings that come up and regularly check whether they belong to you or are influenced by others around you.

During this Full Moon, all zodiac signs will feel its influence, but it will have a particularly strong impact on Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, as well as Leo. These signs will experience the energy of the Full Moon more intensely and may undergo significant shifts, transformations, or revelations during this period. It’s an opportune time for Aquarius and Leo to pay extra attention to their emotions, intentions, and desires, as the Full Moon’s energy can bring about meaningful changes and effortless manifestation.

This Full Moon acts as a spotlight, revealing any sources of drama or chaos in our lives and urging us to break free from them. It represents a collective shift, where people are letting go of unhealthy relationships, releasing pent-up emotions, and prioritizing inner peace.

We’ll be examining the connections we have, assessing which ones bring us joy and growth, and which ones are draining or harmful. This time marks a profound awakening, empowering us to recognize and detach from relationships that no longer serve our well-being. It’s a period of transformation and liberation, as we embrace healthier, more fulfilling connections in our lives.

This phase is a powerful cleansing process, ridding our lives of anything toxic. It’s an opportunity to break free from bad habits, unhealthy thought patterns, reactive behaviors, outdated beliefs, and fear-based thoughts that drain our energy and cause stress and burnout.

During this time, any negative ties that hold us back from toxic relationships or limiting situations will be easily severed. This liberates us, allowing us to move forward with love, compassion, forgiveness, and inner peace. We might find ourselves drawn away from those who consistently create conflicts, display aggression, try to control or manipulate us, deceive, judge, criticize, or abuse us.

During this time, it’s not just about severing ties; it’s also about rediscovering what healthy relationships truly mean. We’re embracing a new focus on reciprocity, empathy, and understanding in all types of relationships, be it friendships, romantic partnerships, or family bonds.

As Venus is currently in retrograde, it becomes important to release attachments and embrace self-love and awakening. The energy of August’s Aquarius Full Moon acts as a mirror, showing us the areas in our lives that are ripe for transformation. It’s an opportunity to reassess our connections and ensure they align with our growth and well-being. Embrace these shifts, as they pave the way for healthier and more fulfilling relationships in our lives.

Aquarius, known for its emotional reserve, offers us a much-needed break from recent overwhelming experiences. It’s a perfect opportunity to realign ourselves and identify areas where we’ve held onto unfulfilling relationships or unhealthy societal norms.

During this time, Aquarius encourages us to reflect on our thoughts and feelings, to examine old habits and connections closely. It empowers us to find the strength to disconnect from anything that no longer serves our growth and well-being.

Lately, feeling irritable and facing constant challenges might be a common experience for many of us. But it’s not a coincidence at all. Our energetic bodies are going through a phase of misalignment. The magnetic force from the ongoing super moon cycle is impacting our personal electromagnetic fields, causing this push and pull and ups and downs. So, if you’ve been feeling a bit ungrounded or overwhelmed, know that it’s all connected to the powerful energy of the supermoon cycle.

During this period, our senses are heightened, and we may find ourselves taking things personally and reacting impulsively to situations that we might normally overlook. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone we encounter is on their own unique journey of knowledge and soul development. Their upbringing, conditioning, teachings, and experiences have shaped them, leading to different perspectives and potential misunderstandings. It’s natural for clashes to occur, but by understanding this, we can approach interactions with more empathy and patience.

It can be frustrating when people don’t treat us with the same kindness we show them and we may feel the urge to react emotionally, but we can’t control how others behave; we can only control our own actions and words.

Instead of letting negativity affect us, we can be kinder and more loving to ourselves. It’s common to care more about others than ourselves, but it’s time for a positive change. We can prioritize self-compassion and treat ourselves with love and care and this way, we break free from negativity and create a healthier relationship with ourselves and those around us.

Aquarius, with its reserved nature, might give the impression of holding back emotions. However, beneath that exterior lies a strong longing for authentic connections. Superficial interactions don’t satisfy Aquarius; it craves deep and meaningful bonds, where understanding flows freely between both parties.

During this Moon phase, our emotions may also be heightened, leading us to seek more profound and meaningful connections in our friendships and love relationships. We might experience a sense of longing, or unfulfillment that makes us yearn for something special and unique in our interactions with others.

It’s as if we have an innate knowing that shallow and surface-level connections no longer satisfy us. We crave bonds that go beyond the ordinary, relationships that touch our hearts and souls on a deeper level. We want to be seen and understood for who we truly are, and we also desire to connect with others in a way that feels authentic and genuine.

This longing for resonance and depth can lead us on a quest to find kindred spirits—those souls who understand us in ways we might not even be able to put into words. We seek people who share our passions, values, and beliefs, forming connections that feel like coming home.

In our pursuit of these meaningful connections, we may be drawn to exploring new social circles or reconnecting with old friends who have always made us feel understood and valued. We might also find ourselves engaging in more profound and open conversations, seeking to understand others at a deeper level as well.

During this phase of seeking more profound connections, listening to our hearts and trusting our instincts is key. It’s a time to tune in to our inner voice, that intuitive part of ourselves that knows what feels right and authentic.

Opening ourselves up to deeper connections can be a vulnerable experience. It might involve letting down our guards and being more transparent about our feelings and desires. But, in doing so, we create the potential for richer and more fulfilling bonds.

As we embrace vulnerability and allow ourselves to be seen and understood, we open the door to genuine intimacy and connection. It’s in these moments of openness that we can truly connect with others on a soulful level.

This Full Moon is a powerful time of self-discovery and gaining deeper insights into our lives. It illuminates not just who we are at present, but also provides glimpses into our future paths, soul purposes, and the people who are meant to walk alongside us on our journey.

As the Moon shines its light on our inner world, we may gain clarity about our true selves, our passions, and the things that truly matter to us. It’s a time of profound introspection, where we can connect with our inner wisdom and gain a better understanding of our life’s purpose.

Moreover, this Full Moon acts as a cosmic guide, shedding light on the paths that lie ahead of us. It may reveal opportunities and possibilities we hadn’t considered before, guiding us towards our highest potential.

In addition to self-discovery, this Moon also has the potential to bring meaningful connections into our lives. It may introduce us to kindred spirits, soulmates, or companions who resonate with our journey and share similar soul purposes.

This highly charged Full Moon brings with it powerful energy that amplifies the impact of our intentions and desires. It’s like a cosmic amplifier, enhancing the results of what we wish for and aspire to.

During this time, we might experience unexpected twists and turns in our lives. These events are not roadblocks; instead, they serve as divine guidance, pointing us towards the paths that truly resonate with our life’s purpose. If certain doors close or obstacles arise, it’s a clear sign that they aren’t part of our destined journey.

Instead of feeling discouraged, let’s see these moments as opportunities for growth and redirection. It’s like taking a slight detour on our journey, leading us towards the paths that are genuinely aligned with our destiny. These detours might introduce us to new people, opportunities, or experiences that we wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

This is a period filled with incredible power and potential. As we embrace the energy of this Full Moon, it’s like catching a cosmic wave that can carry our intentions to the Universe with amplified strength.

Trust is a vital aspect of this journey. We can wholeheartedly have faith that the Universe is not only listening to our intentions but also guiding and supporting us every step of the way. Even if we can’t fully grasp the entire plan right now, rest assured that the Universe is working in mysterious ways behind the scenes, harmonizing all the pieces to align perfectly with our higher purpose.

This “once in a blue moon” event holds profound significance, offering an extraordinary chance for significant transformation and deep emotional healing. Like a cosmic healer, it has the power to heal the wounds from our past and bring clarity to misunderstandings and miscommunication, enabling us to repair and strengthen the bonds within our most cherished relationships.

August’s Aquarius Full Blue Supermoon is an extraordinary and powerful moment for personal growth and spiritual awakening. It calls upon us to let go of the past and embrace new opportunities with clarity, love, and inner strength. This is a time for deep reflection, meaningful connections, and liberating ourselves from anything that no longer serves our highest good. This introspection allows us to shed old patterns and beliefs, making space for positive changes and fresh beginnings.

During this phase, the energy of the Aquarius Full Blue Supermoon can lead us to experience a profound sense of connection with our inner selves and the vast Universe. This cosmic connection guides us towards a deeper understanding of our true essence and purpose.

As we tap into this heightened awareness, we become more attuned to our authentic selves. We gain clarity about our desires, passions, and values, allowing us to align our lives with what truly resonates with our hearts and souls.

With this newfound clarity and alignment, we are better equipped to manifest abundance in all areas of our lives. Whether it’s in our relationships, career, or personal growth, we can attract positive opportunities and experiences that align with our true selves.

As we embrace this powerful time of self-discovery and growth, let’s remain open to the guidance of the Universe. Trusting in the synchronicities and signs that come our way, we can move forward with confidence and embrace the magic that unfolds on our path.

As the “Water Bearer,” Aquarius invites us to stay grounded and connected during this transformative time. Drinking plenty of water, taking salt baths, or spending time near water bodies can help us maintain a sense of balance and harmony. Water has a purifying and rejuvenating effect, and by immersing ourselves in its energy, we can release any emotional or energetic blockages.

Alex Myles

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