Free Worldwide Shipping – Intuition, Clarity & Protection 4x Crystals Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, Clear Quartz and Fluorite Tumblestones

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4 x crystals For Intuition, Psychic Awareness & Protection with info card and pouch to carry them in.

Amethyst ~ Known for: Protecting against negative energy,
rebalancing and calming emotions, enhancing inner strength,
promoting harmony and peace and shielding the aura. It is
also known to help to activate the 3rd eye chakra.

Tiger’s Eye – Popular since ancient times when it was worn
on the breast plate of warriors, as they believed the flash
the stone gives off distracts and fends off their enemies. Known
to transmute negative energies, as well as enhancing the
mind so that thoughts are clear and free from fear. Worn to
enhance courage, faith, strength, energy, and mental clarity.

Clear Quartz – Known for: Enhancing clear communication with the
spirit world. Heightening psychic abilities, intuition, clarity and
spiritual sensitivity. Also used to elevate your vibration for advanced
soul growth, awakening and enlightenment.

Fluorite ~ Believed to fend off negativity and protect against psychic
attacks. Balancing and calming crystal that grounds emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energy. Known to cleanse the auric field and clear and balance the chakras.

I am a Reiki Master and the crystals have been charged with positive high vibrational energy, under the Full Moon.

Note: Crystology does not substitute medical advice. Please see a medical professional for any health concerns.

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