Free Shipping! For Abundant Love – Mixed Crystals & Copper Heart Orgone in Clear Resin – For Energy Healing, Manifesting, Psychic Protection and Cleansing

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This hand crafted heart is made with clear resin, a mixture of crystals and copper.

It is approx 7cm x 7cm and 2cm deep.

An Orgone is a collection of vital life force energy (Ch’i, Prana, Source) generated from the Universe.

These creations made from resin, metals and quartz that generate orgone energy that are used to support and enhance spiritual growth and healing.

Both organic and non-organic materials are used, as when they are layered they magnetise and repel powerful and positive energy. The organic materials attract and hold organ energy and the non-organic materials attract and repel it. Negative energy is pulled into the device where it is transmuted and converted to positivity energy.

Orgone creations are known to:

Boost vitality/reduce fatigue

Balance moods

Eliminate negative energy

Ease tension headaches

Promote better sleep and enhance dreams

Increase harmony and brings peacefulness

Reduce sensitivity to EMF’s (electromagnetic smog/pollution from cell phones, wifi, televisions, smart meters etc)

Dissipate energy blockages

Encourage energy to flow freely

Balance the chakras

Bring clarity/enhance clear thinking

Balance the electromagnetic field around the body

Wilhelm Reich developed the theory of orgones in the 1930s, and found that the balanced energy radiating from orgone devices helped to enhance both physical and mental health.

Please note, these are made to order – usually shipped within 2-3 days of payment.

Note: Crystology does not substitute medical advice. Please see a medical professional for any health concerns.

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