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Moonstone – Known for:
The stone of the moon and is believed to vibrate with feminine
healing energy. It is known calm and balance and stabilise emotions
and soothe emotional pain. Moonstone is known to hold the
mysterious and powerful energy of the moon. It is believed to bring
good fortune, success and an abundance of blessings.

Lepidolite ~ This crystal is used to enhance intuition, increase
psychic abilities and for awakening and heightened conscious awareness. It is believed this stone offers spiritual guidance and is known to help with patience and optimism. It is also used for emotional healing and with manifesting dreams and desires.

Blue Goldstone is worn for its beauty and is also believed to have
immense creative and manifesting powers. It is known to help the
wearer manifest intensions and enhance inner strength and confidence
to reach personal goals. Goldstone is known to calm and purify
the aura, recharge energy, and is also believed to protect the
holder from negative energies.

Selenite- The name selenite is the translation of the Greek word meaning “moon” and this crystal was named after the Greek Goddess Selenite.
Selenite is used for aura cleansing and is known to bring clarity of the
mind and to increase intuitive abilities and psychic perception. It is known
to help with clear judgement and to bring insights and ancient wisdom.

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