Free Shipping! 6x Crystals For The Full Blue Moon On Halloween Moonstone, Aventurine, Blue Quartz, Carnelian, Jasper & Obsidian Tumblestones

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Crystals For the The Rare Full Blue Moon on Halloween with info card and pouch to carry them in

Moonstone – Known for:
The stone of the moon and is believed to vibrate with feminine
healing energy. It is known calm and balance and stabilise emotions
and soothe emotional pain. Moonstone is known to hold the
mysterious and powerful energy of the moon. It is believed to bring
good fortune, success and an abundance of blessings.

Green Aventurine ~ A compassionate stone that provides comfort
and healing and protects the heart center. It blocks and dissolves
negative energy, and is used for protection to ward off energy
vampires and to prevent psychic attacks. Absorbs and destroys
fear, anger, grief, worry, and transmutes any negative emotions that
lower our frequency.

Blue Quartz – Known as one of the most powerful healing crystals.
Amplifies the ability to intuitively understand emotions & feeling
& boosts psychic senses. It is a powerful crystal that offers
protection against negative vibrations & draws in calmness,
peacefulness & harmony.

Carnelian – Loved for both its beauty and immense healing powers.
Known to help to clear emotional and mental pain and trauma, and
offer a calming, soothing vibration. It is believed to help reenergise
and enhance passion and inner strength, bringing sunshine, joy,
and happiness. It eliminates negative energy and helps cleanse
the aura. Also known to assist with regulating emotions to help
to maintain balance and harmony. It is a powerful cleansing and
healing stone that is believed to help ease anxieties and depression.

Red Jasper ~ Considered a lucky and powerful stone, believed to
fend off negativity and protect against misfortune. Known for it’s
ability to absorb and transmute negative energy and to guard
against psychic harm. Balancing and calming crystal that clears
and grounds emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energy.

Black Obsidian – Believed to be one of the most powerful stones and is
used to cleanse negative energies and also for psychic protection.

These crystals are known for manifesting abundance, good luck, fortune and positive opportunities.

I am a Reiki Master and the crystals have been charged with positive high vibrational energy, under the Full Moon.

Note: Crystology does not substitute medical advice. Please see a medical professional for any health concerns.

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