Crystals For Mercury Retrograde (Feb 17th) Amazonite, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Obsidian & Howlite Tumbled Stones

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Crystals For Mercury Retrograde with information card and pouch to carry them in.

Tiger’s Eye

Amazonite is believed to have powerful protective, healing and calming qualities. It is believed to clear negative energies and to release toxic emotion that has stored up in the heart centre. It is also believed to absorb pollution and protect against electromagnetic smog. This is a compassionate, balancing crystal that is also known to enhance intuition and psychic abilities of the wearer.

Tiger’s Eye – Popular since ancient times when it was worn
on the breast plate of warriors, as they believed the flash
the stone gives off would distract their opponents. It is known
to transmute negative energies, as well as enhancing the mind
so that thoughts are clear and free from fear. It is worn to
enhance courage, strength, energy, and mental clarity.

Hematite is worn for it’s beauty and healing properties. It is known to improve relationships as it enhances and boots love and compassion. Hematite is known to calm and purify the aura, recharge energy, and is used to protect the holder from negative energies.

Black Obsidian – Believed to be one of the most powerful stones and is
used to cleanse negative energies and also for psychic protection.

White Howlite ~ Known for: Calming the mind, releasing old
emotional pain, easing stress and anxiety, promoting harmony and allowing clear, peaceful communication and reduces tension.

Crystals appear solid and still, however, they are a collection of highly vibrating atoms.

When we are around crystals and gemstones we will likely feel energized, balanced, grounded, calm and centered. We will also find that we will not need to carry out protection visualizations or grounding techniques quite as often as the vibrations from the crystals and gemstones naturally protect our energy.

I am a Reiki Master and the crystals have been charged with positive high vibrational energy, under the Full Moon.

Note: Crystology does not substitute medical advice. Please see a medical professional for any health concerns.

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