Free Shipping – Crystals For Energy Protection x 4 Amethyst, Aventurine, Red Jasper, Tiger’s Eye Tumbled stones


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Crystals For Psychic Protection with pouch to carry them in

Amethyst ~ A powerful protection stone that alleviates anxiety
and stress, that has buildup from being around negative energy.
It is also known to fend off entities from external psychic attacks,
and helps to rebalance and calm energy and enhance inner strength.

Green Aventurine ~ A compassionate stone that provides comfort
and healing and protects the heart center. It blocks and dissolves
negative energy, and is used for protection to ward off energy
vampires and to prevent psychic attacks. Absorbs and destroys
fear, anger, grief, worry, and transmutes any negative emotions that
lower our frequency.

Red Jasper ~ Considered a lucky and powerful stone as it
is known to fend off negativity and protect against misfortune.
It is also used for it’s ability too absorb and transmute negative
energy and to guard. against psychic harm. It is balancing and
calming and clears and grounds energy in the aura and physical body.

Tiger’s Eye – Popular since ancient times when it was worn
on the breast plate of warriors, as they believed the flash
the stone gives off would distract their opponents. It is known
to transmute negative energies, as well as enhancing the mind
so that thoughts are clear and free from fear. It is worn to
enhance courage, strength, energy, and mental clarity.

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