Free Shipping – 4 x Crystals For Anxiety Amethyst, Rose Quartz, White Howlite & Bloodstone Tumblestones Stones

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4x crystals known to help ease anxiety with information card and pouch.

Amethyst ~ Known for: Alleviating fatigue, anxiety and stress,
protecting against negative energy, rebalancing and calming
emotions, enhancing inner strength, promoting harmony and
peace, Shielding the aura and helping to regulate sleep.

Rose Quartz ~ Known for: Opening the heart chakra to allow
unconditional love to radiate. Soothing and healing emotional
wounds. Helps release the past so we don’t repeat old patterns.
Connects us to inner knowledge and wisdom and strengthens it.

White Howlite ~ Known for: Calming the mind, releasing old
emotional pain, easing stress and anxiety, promoting harmony
and allowing clear, peaceful communication and reduces tension.

Bloodstone ~ Known for: Nurturing, comforting and motivating.
Believed to help to clear emotional and mental pain and trauma
and radiates a soothing vibration. Also worn for regulating
emotions to help maintain balance and harmony. It is a
powerful cleansing and healing stone that is believed to help
ease anxieties and remove emotional blockages.

Note: Crystology does not substitute medical advice. Please see a medical professional for any health concerns.

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