Free Shipping – 20x Crystals Mix of Tumbled Stones For Empaths/Energy Healing

$33.33 $22.22


You will receive a mixture of 20 crystals that will be intuitively chosen for each order.

Every set will be different, and will include a mix of crystals/stones similar to those pictured. Crystals are known to choose you, so you will receive the crystals meant for you at this time, or for the person you are ordering them for.

The perfect starter kit for those who are drawn to crystals, or a unique gift as a present.

Crystals appear solid and still, however, they are a collection of highly vibrating atoms.

Crystals awaken the cells within our bodies that are vibrating on a low frequency. They engage with them to lift our vibration so that all our cells are vibrating on a similar frequency.

When we are around crystals and gemstones we will likely feel energized, balanced, grounded, calm and centered. We will also find that we will not need to carry out protection visualizations or grounding techniques quite as often as the vibrations from the crystals and gemstones naturally protect our energy.

I am a Reiki Master and the crystals have been charged with positive high vibrational energy, under the Full Moon.

Note: Crystology does not substitute medical advice. Please see a medical professional for any health concerns.


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