Time For A Reset: New Moon In Aquarius

So far January has been a chaotic and highly challenging month for many of us. Fortunately, as this New Moon rises much of the highly charged intense energy that has been reverberating since the solar eclipse on December 26th will finally start to settle down.

The supercharged energy that generated between the December eclipse and the January 10th lunar eclipse is simmering and we are now entering the “eye of the storm” phase where all begins to feels calm and settled, and where major aspects of our lives click into place and begin to make sense.

This New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and will impact all zodiac signs, but particularly those with Aquarius in their chart. 

Aquarius is known as for being a game-changer, bringing regeneration, plot twists, transformation, breakthroughs and progress, so expect emotional, mental, spiritual or even physical shifts and changes over the next few days, and continuing on until the next New Moon on February 23rd.

Aquarius can come across as quite aloof and detached when it comes to emotions, feelings and connections, preferring independence, freedom and autonomy over their lives. This means we may notice we feel quite rebellious and find ourselves yearning for space, wanting to break free from outdated traditions or tear down dynamics that have felt confining, limiting or controlling. We may suddenly feel bored with normality and want to detangle from anything that feels too restricting or repressive, preferring to walk our own unique path, regardless how that looks to others. 

Under Aquarius’ influence we will be seeing with clarity for the first time in weeks, seeing straight through illusions, masks and filters. This gives us the ability to disengage or distance ourselves from anyone or anything that creates pain, disharmony or disturbs our peace. 

Instead of being triggered to irrationally and emotionally react, our mind will be crystal clear and we will feel grounded and in control, and we will either say nothing, very little or respond with calmness, courage and conviction.

The current of this New Moon calls on us to internalize love for a change and to find comfort, warmth and familiarity in romancing and loving ourselves. It is highly recommended to start new self-care rituals and to unapologetically take time for vital self-love, self-nourishment and self-care.

Aquarius is the “water bearer”, which means this New Moon will bring in a cleansing, renewing and recharging energy. The refreshing lunar energy will likely cause us to awaken on this New Moon feeling refreshed and rebirth, as though the New Year has only just begun, and the intensity of the past few weeks has suddenly dissipated.

Aquarius is associated with time, through Saturn, one of it’s rulers, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel as though you’ve entered a new age, started a new era or that time suddenly appears to be going far slower or quicker than normal. 

It is also possible to be feeling highly nostalgic with wishful thinking about the future during this lunation, due to reoccurring thoughts about the past, future premonitions and vivid dreams about significant current issues, as the past, present and future blur into one. 

We may feel impatient for our future dreams and desires to actualise, and that we want changes to happen instantly, and under this Aquarius moon absolutely anything is possible, so be certain that what you wish for is what you actually want and need. If we are being made to wait a little longer, perceive it as just a lesson in remaining present and enjoying every stage of the journey, especially if we are right at the start of planning stages. 

Everything will fruition exactly when it is ready, and in the meantime there may be a lot of soul alignment that needs to occur to ensure we are fully prepared to receive the full blessings held within the intentions we are setting. 

Connections from the past may reappear either so that healing and reunions can occur, or so a repeating lesson can finally be learned and closed.

Old energy, old lessons and old structures and patterns will all most definitely be clearing out, as the old lunar cycle closes, a new cycle starts and a brand new chapter begins.

It is imperative to work with this energy by clearing space for new possibilities and experiences, especially as during this Moon phase it is likely that significant soul-deep connections could arrive, that end up holding a prominent place in our future.

If we have been trying to manifest a new direction in life, starting a new career, moving house, quitting bad habits, or completely starting over, now is most definitely the time to put in the work, faith and dedication to make it happen. Particularly as Mercury Retrograde (notorious for not being a good time for new projects/new starts/major change) is only a few weeks away. Therefore, make use of this strong and revitalising energy by putting plans into action and committing to making those necessary, long-awaited and long-desired changes become a reality.

The energy we hold at this start of this New Moon sets the tone for the entire lunar month, so, if possible, attune with Aquarius’ mentally strong energy force and begin this cycle with optimistic high vibrational thoughts and feelings. If there have been challenges and set-backs recently, attempt to pull away from overanalzing, ruminating or overthinking. Try to alter perception and focus all attention on manifesting the intentions you are setting during this New Moon. 

Moon phases always cause a shift in energy, however this is one that will cause a shake up on all levels, so we will feel emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically altered as the days pass by. 

We are ultimately responsible for the direction in which our energy shifts, whether up, down or sideways, so it is vital to remain consciously aware of who, what and where our thoughts are trailing off to. 

New Moons are the beginning of a brand new cycle and chapter, so it is imperative to set the stage now for how we want the rest of the lunar month to play out. Keep the mind firmly fixed on the seeds you are planting, and hold the visualisation and feeling of exactly how you want them to bloom and grow. 

This major reset and reboot may feel unsettling at times, but as soon as the New Moon has passed all discordant energies will recalibrate and inner and outer peace will reside and life will finally start falling into perfect place. 

To integrate this powerful cleansing and rejuvenating energy and to ensure a harmonious New Moon, drink plenty of filtered water, rest where possible, take a saltwater bath, play soothing music (binaural beats) and light candles, incense or burn sage. Also, try to detach from technology, spend some time outdoors with nature, indulge in comforting pastimes or carry out a New Moon ritual alone or with your favourite person/people.

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  1. Lizie Kloom says:

    Please be sure to credit your source, Alex Myles. She puts a lot of time into this free, public information. It would be a sad day if she stopped due to not being credited. Thank you! 🤗❤️

    1. Thank you so much Lizie, I really appreciate you mentioning this, – it’s my website (Alex Myles) just forgot to add my name to the end of the writing, but so wonderful of you to take the time to mention this as it’s something that happens such a lot. Sending you love and moon blessings <3

  2. It fits perfect into what has happened to me it is the first time that I really have gotten an understanding of how the moon cycles have impact on our life. You have written it so well that it is so easy to understand whats to be done and what benefits it can have! I am definitily following you from now on. Great job! WOW!

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