First Full Moon Of Decade & Supercharged Lunar Eclipse

The first Full Moon of the year is in Cancer, and the focus is on renewed and recharged energy in relation to emotions, family, friendship, love and our intuition. 

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so when the moon is full and at home in her sign, we can expect our deep rooted feelings and sensitivities to be amplified.

This eclipse marks the end of the current eclipse season and brings to a close chapters that have been unfolding since the last lunar eclipse on July 17th 2019.

This means that anything that has been troubling us, for example, bad habits, lifestyle choices, destructive behavioural patterns, and relationships that have brought turmoil in recent months, will naturally come to an end. We will now start to notice a significant change as we let go of anything (or anyone) that is unhealthy, unfulfilling or no longer serving a purpose in our lives.

Eclipse seasons have a particular theme running through them and usually relate to emotions and relationships; and we usually find that whoever or whatever we aren’t meant to be focusing energy on, suddenly disappears (or is eclipsed) from our lives.

During eclipse phases we become aware that for some time certain things have been happening behind the scenes—and a light illuminates people’s true characters will hidden truths are revealed. By the time we awaken to the undercurrent that has been heading our way, it is usually too late to do anything but go with the flow and have faith that the force is relocating us toward better places—or people.

Full Moons are notorious for being intense, supercharged and highly emotional periods, however, eclipses take the intensity to a new and much higher level and are believed to be multiple times more powerful. The energy emanating from them can feel unpredictable and volatile, which is the reason eclipses are known as the “wild card” of the cosmos. 

Eclipses are sharp nudges from the universe that shake us and force us to take action so we’ll pay attention to what is happening around us. They are renowned for being a turning point in our lives, as they cause a reboot, particularly in areas where we have procrastinated change and stayed in situations that are toxic, unfulfilling or that simply make us feel miserable.

Eclipse energy can swing either way, depending upon how we feel leading up to them, so they either heighten our positive vibrations or pull us deeper into our shadow side, magnifying our darker emotions.

They are renowned for generating a surge of potent energy that unexpectedly and radically changes our lives by causing emotional upheavals that compel us to take action. 

Not only can eclipses be uncomfortable and challenging to deal with, their impact leaves a long-lasting, unforgettable impression. If we note the dates of eclipses in a journal and intermittently look back at them throughout our lives we will see a definitive divide between what challenges we were going through and how we were feeling before and after the eclipses occurred. 

An eclipse is a temporary interruption of universal energy between the sun, moon and earth, and during it we may notice an abrupt halt of energy happening in our own lives. This temporary seizure offers us the opportunity to gain perspective on where we are at and where we want to be heading, before pressing reset and clearing the karma of everything we have previously experienced.

Eclipse cycles pull us into intense healing phases where we break free from old and outdated patterns of behavior—and in particular force us out of situations that lower our vibration. Therefore we will likely feel the need to free ourselves from anyone or anything that feels dysfunctional or harmful in any way.

We may feel compelled to end a relationship, declutter belongings, make a career change, quit bad habits, change certain beliefs, make a major lifestyle decision, move home or even relocate to a new city or country. The changes that happen are often things we have been working hard to manifest and the eclipse helps us along by adjusting our lives accordingly, magnetically pushing and pulling, organising and calibrating energetically. 

Eclipses often cause havoc by bringing problems to the surface and turning situations upside down, which may cause us to feel highly emotional, disoriented and a little unstable. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to rush into major decisions or commit to dramatic changes in the couple of days before or after an eclipse and instead wait until energy has calmed and we once again have clear perception. 

The eclipse’s powerful vibration builds in the week before it happens so many people, particularly those who are ultra sensitive to electromagnetic energy, will have already felt the disruption, strength and intensity radiating from it. It may become noticeable that existing tensions have heightened and are presenting through obsessions, jealousies, arguments and frustrations.

It is possible that those who are highly sensitive will feel anxious, impatient and as though something big is about to happen as the moon moves closer toward its fullest form. Frazzled nerves and tempers could flare out of nowhere, causing conflict within intimate relationships. We may even have become temporarily or permanently separated from those we were in close relationships with, as this lunar energy charges in and shakes everything in its wake.

As with all major universal events, eclipses can bring disorder and disruption, but they always serve our highest good and despite being temporarily turbulent, they are renowned for having positive outcomes.

Eclipses are unpredictable—they are nature’s way of awakening us to anything we’ve refused to accept, deal with, or alter, so they exert their energetic strength, giving us no option but to confront aspects of our lives that require attention. 

Anything we have been resisting will become too great to ignore and we will find ourselves caving in, whether that be: contacting someone we are estranged from, taking accountability for our behavior and sending out an apology, choosing to open to trust instead of feeling fearful, breaking away from toxic bonds or finally accepting we are extremely worthy, magnificent beings and walking away from devaluation. 

During an eclipse, our spiritual awareness, thoughts, intentions and manifestations are amplified, and we will discover that we effortlessly speak into existence anything weighing heavy on our heart or mind. This is why it is vital we remain aware of what we are thinking about, saying, or hoping for, as we may be shocked at how quickly our pondering thoughts become part of our reality. 

Whatever we have been manifesting for the past 6 months (for instance, relocating or planning a new career move) will quickly come to fruition, and we will receive an abundance of opportunities that help us create a fresh, positive and exciting new start. 

This Full Moon not only brings to an end things we have been going through for the last six months, it is also the start of a new eclipse season and six-month chapter in our lives that runs until the next eclipse on June 5th 2020.

This lunar Cancerian crab energy helps us finally release the tight grip on all we have been holding on to. It is the perfect opportunity to make peace with any conflicts that may have taken place over the past year and to let all pain, suffering, regrets, disappointments, conflicts and resentments go.

Eclipses affect us all differently, just as new and full moons do. This is partly to do with the sign that the sun and moon are passing through, partly influenced by our own birth chart, and is also determined by how we feel emotionally, mentally, and physically at the time. 

Some will feel extremely calm, grounded and balanced during the eclipse while others may feel totally unhinged—as though the eclipse has been brutal and life has temporarily shifted out of recognition. 

Those who are highly sensitive to energy might find themselves on a roller-coaster ride for a few days, accelerating at great speed from one emotion to the next, circling from calm to chaos over and again.

This is why it is essential to be well-prepared in advance for cosmic events, as, if we head into them on a low frequency, or if we are carrying chaos and drama with us, it is likely that they will create a storm, and once we’re in it, we will struggle to ground our energy and “come back down to Earth” (energetically speaking).

Lunar eclipses are enigmatic and are often compared to a moody, stormy ocean. We will likely notice our senses are on high alert, and everything feels and sounds louder, brighter, stronger, and more vivid than before, as the energy emanating from eclipses can feel both overwhelming and disorientating. 

To help ensure the eclipse (along with the next six months) runs smoothly, it is worth taking time out to figure what it is we truly want, who we want to be around, and who or what we are still holding on to (that we really need to let go of). Then we must find the courage to make the life-changing decisions we have been shying away from, so we can open new doors and burn tired old bridges without regret—although be wary, as during the eclipse we are may be more emotional than normal, so it is vital to allow the energies to settle before announcing final decisions

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